Endowed Professorships

The Chancellor, in consultation with the donors and the UW Oshkosh Foundation Board, shall be responsible for the administration of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh program of Endowed Professorships. The Provost and Vice Chancellor, in consultation with the Deans, will be responsible for formulating recommendations for the policies and procedures of the program. Faculty members and governance groups shall be asked to provide advice and comments on all aspects of the program.

Endowed Professorships may be of several types:

  • University-wide and available to faculty in any college;
  • Restricted to a particular college, division or discipline;
  • Interdisciplinary or intercollegiate for broad subject areas.

Each appointment shall be for a period of four years. To be eligible for a second award, a period of two years must lapse between the end of the last award and the beginning of a subsequent award. An Endowed Professorship shall carry:

  • An annual stipend of $2,500 for professional development including academically related travel, equipment, and supplies and/or student assistance; and
  • An annual stipend of $500 to the recipient’s department to promote its mission.

Criteria for Selection

All faculty members who are tenured and hold the rank of associate or full professor at the time of nomination will be eligible for the award of an Endowed Professorship. The primary criterion of selection shall be excellence in scholarship and/or creative accomplishments, for example, research publications, literary works, paintings, musical compositions or performances. A candidate must also have demonstrated a record of quality teaching; please include summaries of S.O.S. scores for the last 5 years. Please submit all materials electronically in one PDF document. The supporting materials submitted with a nomination shall include:

  1. A letter detailing the accomplishments of the nominee;
  2. Evidence of accomplishments (e.g., articles, books, reviews of shows, etc.);
  3. Evidence of ability to serve as an ambassador of the University;
  4. Only three letters of support from authorities outside UW Oshkosh, who are in the nominee’s field or a related field.

Selection Process

The selection process shall be as follows:

  • Normally, nominations of individuals shall be submitted by departments to Deans. In exceptional circumstances, an individual may wish to submit a self-nomination to a Dean.
  • Deans shall make recommendations to the Provost and Vice Chancellor.
  • The Provost and Vice Chancellor shall, with the help of the university-wide committee appointed by the Provost and Vice Chancellor in consultation with the President of the Faculty Senate, make recommendations to the Chancellor.
  • The Chancellor shall make the final decisions.



  • John E. Kerrigan Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. Benjamin Artz, Economics, College of Business
  • Edward Penson Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. Maureen Muldoon, Geology, College of Letters & Science


  • SNC Professor of International Relations:
    Dr. Douglas Haynes, English, College of Letters & Science
  • EAA/C.R. Meyer Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. Nari Kim, Educational Leadership, College of Education & Human Services
  • Oshkosh Northwestern: Dr. Roberta Maguire, English, College of Letters & Science
  • Oshkosh B’Gosh Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. Marguerite Penick-Parks, Educational Leadership, College of Education & Human Services


  • Edward H. Rudoy Endowed Professorship: Dr. Stephen Kercher, History, College of Letters & Science
  • Jeff Curler Endowed Professor of Health Services:
    Dr. Suzanne Marnocha, Nursing, College of Nursing
  • TRISS Endowed Professorship: Dr. Robert Stelzer, Biology,
    College of Letters & Science


  • Oshkosh Corporation Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. Chad Cotti, Economics, College of Business
  • Axle-Tech Endowed Professorships:
    Dr. Dana Merriman, Biology, College of Letters & Science


  • Curwood Inc. Endowed Professorship: Dr. Eric Hiatt, Geology, College Letters & Science
  • Alberta Kimball Foundation Endowed Professorship: Dr. Robert Kunkel, Finance, College of Business


  • John E. Kerrigan University Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. David Barnhill, Environmental Studies, College of Letters & Science
  • Edward M. Penson University Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. Timothy Paulsen, Geology, College of Letters & Science


  • TRISS Endowed Professorship: Dr. M. Ryan Haley, Economics,
    College of Business
  • John E. Kerrigan International Endowed Professorship:
    Mr. Richard Kalinoski, Theatre, College of Letters & Science
  • Oshkosh Northwestern Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. Paul Klemp, English, College of Letters & Science
  • F. John Barlow Endowed Professorship:
    Dr. James Paulson, Chemistry, College of Letters & Science


  • EAA/C.R. Meyer Endowed Professorship: Dr. Sharon Chappy,
    College of Nursing
  • Oshkosh B’Gosh Endowed Professorship: Dr. Teri Shors,
    Biology and Microbiology, College of Letters & Science