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Features of the Navigate Student App

To-dos: View events, keep track of deadlines, and remind yourself about upcoming important tasks.

Appointments: Schedule an appointment with a professional advisor in the UARC or SSS through the app.

Reports: View appointment summaries and progress reports.

Study Buddies: View contact information for other students in your courses who opt into this feature, providing you with a simple way to study with peers.

Resources: Find contact information for your professors and advisors or find your way to important campus buildings.

Hold Center: Learn how to resolve any active holds you may have.

Class Schedule: View your current class schedule in either a list or calendar view.

Settings: Find any resources you have marked as favorites, update your intake survey responses, and update your notification preferences.

Navigate How-To Guides

Click below to learn about the functions of Navigate, or download the full Navigate guide.

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Get the Navigate Student App

To access the Navigate app on a smart mobile device, go to your device’s app store and search for Navigate Student.

You can also access the mobile version of Navigate through your mobile device’s web browser by going to

When you open the app for the first time, you have to search for University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh in the search bar at the top of the screen.

Use your UW Oshkosh Net ID and password to login to the Navigate app.

Access the Navigate website

To access the Navigate website from a computer, start on the UW Oshkosh homepage.

Hover over the Titan Services option at the end of the gray bar across the top of the page and click on Navigate (SSG/SSC).

Use your UW Oshkosh NetID and password to login to the Navigate website.

View your class schedule (App/Website)


On the Navigate Student App, click the Class Schedule button on the main page.

On the Navigate website, click on the Calendar button under Student Home.

An example of a schedule in calendar view on the app:

An example of a schedule in calendar view on the website:

An example of a schedule in list view on the app:

An example of a schedule in list view on the website:

In list view, you can also get information on the timing and location of your class as well as the method of delivery.

Schedule an appointment (App/Website)

To make an appointment on the Navigate website, click on the Schedule an appointment button under the UW Oshkosh logo on the top right side.

In the Navigate app, click the Appointments button on the main page and click Schedule an Appointment at the bottom of the next screen.

Answer the following prompts to schedule your appointment:

  • What type of appointment would you like to schedule? (choose your home campus)
  • Tell us why you would like to see someone (choose general advising)
  • Get more specific – do you want to change/explore a major or minor? Do you need to apply to a program? Are you looking to plan out classes for next semester?

Be sure to click Confirm when you have answered all of the questions to ensure that your appointment is scheduled correctly. Once your appointment has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the appointment.

If there is an issue with making an appointment, you may see a screen like this. This may indicate that you are assigned to an advisor that is not in the UARC such as an advisor from SSS/TRIO or a faculty advisor from your major department.

View reports (App/Website)

Viewing reports or appointment summaries allows you to reference information from past advising appointments and to confirm the followup requested by your advisor.

To access your past reports and appointments summaries, click the Reports button on the app or select Reports from the main screen on the website.

In the reports main page you will see a list of reports available to view. Select the report you would like to view (on the website, click on the link under Details).


In the appointment summary you will see information such as details about the timing and location of your appointment, notes about the topics covered in your appointment, and suggested follow-up.


Access academic resources (Website)

To view academic resources or to get the name and contact information for your advisors and instructors, click on the Academic Resources link under the UW Oshkosh logo on the top right side.

To view your instructors and advisors on the Navigate website start at the main screen and scroll down. They will be on the bottom right side.

To directly email advisors or instructors from the Navigate Staff website click on the envelope icon under their name. You then can compose the message and attach any necessary files.

To view academic resources, click one of the links in the Academic Resources section.

Access academic resources (App)

To view academic resources or to get the name and contact information for your advisors and instructors, click the Resources button on the main page.

To get the name and contact information for your advisors and instructors, select People at the top of the screen. Once you have selected the person you need to contact, you can select their email address and start an email with that person straight from the app.

Select Places to learn the following information about UW Oshkosh buildings and support offices:

  • Location of and directions to campus buildings
  • Link to the resource’s website
  • Link to email the resource
  • The phone number of the resource

Use the Reminder feature (App Only)

Reminders are automatically set in the Navigate app for things like upcoming appointments, registration dates opening for new terms, and recommendations to review academic planning information like how to identify and contact your advisor or when to check for early alerts.

To access your list of reminders, select To-Dos from the Explore menu.

To add personal reminders, select the Add Reminder button on the top right.

You can filter your reminders in the Navigate app using the following categories:

  • Today’s to-do’s
  • Today’s events
  • Completed
  • Overdue
  • Hidden
  • Personal reminders

You can customize the title, time, length, notes, and privacy of personal reminders you set in the Navigate app. These reminders can be used for:

  • Keeping track of when assignments are due
  • Planning a study schedule
  • Remembering deadlines for scholarship applications
  • Scheduling student organization meetings
Connect with Study Buddies (App Only)

You can easily connect with students in your classes who are looking for another person to study course material with using the Study Buddies feature. This feature gives you the email address of the students you can connect with. To access this feature, select Study Buddies from the Explore menu.

In the Study Buddies main page you will see a list of your courses and an option to join the list of study buddies from each course.

To add yourself to the list, click the Join button.

Select a class from the menu to email other members of your class or leave the study group.

View and address holds (App Only)

You will see a notification on your home screen if there is a hold on your account for any reason.

To learn what you need to do to address the hold or to get more information, either click the notification or select Holds from the Explore menu.

The information given in the Hold Details includes:

  • What hold was put on your account and for what reason
  • The amount of the hold if applicable
  • Instructions for who to contact or what to do to resolve the hold

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