Advising at UW Oshkosh — the Total Intake Model

Staff members of an administrative unit are responsible for advising all students for a specified period of time or until some specific requirements have been met. After meeting these requirements, students are assigned to an academic subunit or member of the instructional faculty for advising.

Reference: Gordon, V.N., Grites, T.J., & Habley, W.R. (2008). Academic Advising; A Comprehensive Handbook (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


Students transition to faculty advising/ mentoring upon meeting the criteria established by the department of their major.

UARC Professional Advisors:

All incoming first year, transfer & re-entry students advised in central advising office (UARC – SSC 202)

  • Advising load 1:300 – 1:450
  • Focus on exploration (60-85% 1st yr students change their major!), transition/adjustment, connection to resources, general education and major prerequisites
  • Front load specialized advising services for first year students, critical year for retention!
  • Students are advised in center until departmental criteria are met.
  • Criteria include: meeting admission standards for colleges/majors; or, good academic standing + declaration of major + 45-60 credits.


UARC to faculty advising

Students transition to faculty advising/mentoring upon meeting the criteria established by the department of their major.

Faculty advising to UARC

Students transition back to UARC if they become undeclared or change their major or if they are in academic trouble. Students at all academic levels are welcome to supplement faculty advising at the UARC at their choosing.


Departmental Faculty/IAS Advisors:

Declared/admitted majors only

  • Advising load 25-30 average
  • Advise on major, all remaining coursework, career options related to field of study, graduate/professional education.
  • Conduct small group orientation/welcome/advising sessions (convocations, workshops, etc.)
  • Meet 1:1 with students
  • Receive development/support from the UARC.
  • Enable faculty to do what they do best
  • Students create connections w/faculty outside the classroom when developmentally ready to gain the most from it.

Note: The UARC is the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center, the central advising office for all students.