Advising Assessment Criteria

  Needs Revision Effective Exemplary
Description of Advising Model Lack of or incomplete description of advising model Description of all elements of model Detailed description with rationale and overview
Identification of advising objectives mapped to Advising Learning Outcomes Lack of or incomplete mapping of outcomes to advising objectives Clear mapping of objectives and outcomes Clear and detailed mapping with related information provided
Identification of data to be collected Lack of clarity in identification of data or missing data elements Each outcome has appropriate data identified for reporting Clear and detailed identification of data elements for each advising outcome with rationale
Interpretation of advising data No or little analysis or interpretation of data; response does not indicate program changes Response based on using data analysis for advising outcomes for advising outcomes with some implementaion plans for change Evidence of an effective and detailed program response based on data including implementation plans
Clarity, organization of information Minimal detail and some organization issues Organized plan with all elements described Well-organized plan that is complete in all elements that is detailed with a rationale