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Early Alert Information

Early Alert was created by faculty at UW Oshkosh to help students better track their academic progress in their courses.

Emails are sent to undergraduate students enrolled in 14 week courses during the 5th week of each semester. These emails will indicate if a student is at risk of failing a course for one of the following reasons;

  • Class attendance
  • Frequently not participating or prepared
  • Habitually late to class
  • Incomplete/missing assignments
  • Low assignments/test/quiz scores
  • Other

Be aware that instructors are not required to participate in Early Alert. In these cases students should not assume they are doing fine, but rather should follow up with their instructor by email or during office hours to get their specific grade information.

What should I do if I get an Early Alert?

  1. Talk to your instructor in person and ask for tips on how to improve your grade in their class.
  2. Use on campus academic resources to ensure your success. The cost of the resources below is included in your tuition.

Center for Academic Resources:

  • Tutoring of many common 100-200 level courses
  • Student Success Center Suite 102, (920) 424-2290

Math Lab:

Reading Study Center:

Writing Center:

Counseling Center:

  • Confidential assistance with stress management, test anxiety, personal concerns, etc.
  • Student Success Center Suite 240, (920) 424-2061

Multicultural Retention Programs:

  • Support services such as personal and career counseling, tutoring, academic progress monitoring and academic intervention for multicultural students.
  • Campus Center for Equity and Diversity, (920) 424-3080

3.  Consider dropping a class if appropriate. Be aware of drop deadlines:



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