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Transfer & Re-Entry Podcasts

Transfer Advising Podcast

I transferred from the University of Minnesota after my freshman year of college. My transfer experience coming into Oshkosh was relatively painless. All the resources available to me and the extremely explicit steps that were outlined helped make my transition easy. I talked with Houa Xiong. She was great! She made a real effort to understand my individual circumstances and help me out. I contacted the Admissions office first, and then the PALs soon after. They gave me all the resources I needed and everything was very easy to find online. I honestly Had a very easy time transferring. Beyond wishing two credits that didn’t transfer would have, I have no complaints. I really enjoyed the prompt and full communication. There was always a quick answer whenever I had a question. 
My advice to other transfer students would be: Do each step as early as you can and do not hesitate to call or email anyone with questions!
Cameron O'Connell

UW Oshkosh Management major

I transferred from Arizona State University (ASU) after my freshman year of college, so I came to UWO in the fall of 2012. I’ve been here ever since, and I’m now a senior! The advisor I spoke to was Michelle Gross. She was great! She made me feel welcome and really helped me with setting up the classes that I needed. When I transferred I basically looked at the website first, and then went on a campus tour. I toured a bunch of campuses and I just liked the feel of UWO. I talked to people that I knew that already went here and they gave me advice on things like dorms, meal plans, classes, etc. I do think the website is easy to navigate and helped me figure out what I needed to do to transfer as well. My favorite part of the transfer experience was getting to start over. I was excited to come back, and make some friends! I recommend transferring to UWO. My advice to other transfer students would be to get involved! It think what made the transfer great was putting myself out there, and being able to make new friends.

Maggie Bolton

UW Oshkosh Human Resources Management major, emphasis in Legal Studies for business

What is Re-Entry?

If you are coming back to UW Oshkosh after having studied here for one or more semesters, you are a Re-Entry student.

Re-Entry Podcast

Titan Re-Entry from Suspension Podcast