Susan Maxwell

Art History


Renaissance and Baroque Art and the History of Graphic Arts


Art 209 - Art History Survey I
Art 210 - Art History Survey II
Art 308 - Special Topics: History of Prints & Printmaking
Art 310 - Ancient Art
Art 311 - Medieval Art & Architecture
Art 312 - Gothic Art & Architecture
Art 313 - Italian Renaissance Art
Art 314 - Northern Renaissance Art
Art 315 - Baroque Art and Architecture
Art 316 - Dutch and Flemish Art
Art 322 - Contemporary Art; also taught as Venice Biennale Study Abroad
Art 325 - Greek & Roman Art
Art 482 - Art History Seminar (special topics have included From Bosch to Bruegel, Art in the Age of Albrecht Dürer, Print and Propaganda, and Italian Renaissance Frescoes)
Art 484 - Capstone: Taught as Theory and Methodology


MA, Ph.D., University of Virginia

Current Projects

Current research:  art collecting and art plundering during the Thirty Years War; prints and drawings in ducal diplomacy around 1600

Article in progress:  the role of prints and drawings in the album amicori of the art agent Philip Hainhofer; "Accounting for Color: Artists' Pigments in Sixteenth Century Ducal Inventories"


"Maximilian I of Bavaria." In Bellum et Artes - The Thirty Years' War and the Arts. Art, War, and Diplomacy in Central Europe between 1600 and 1650. Leibnitz Institute GWZO, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, National Gallery Prague, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna; forthcoming 2020-21.

"Artful Negotiator: Peter Paul Rubens' Intervention in the Cause of Catholic Bavaria." Rethinking Europe. War and Peace in Early Modern German Lands. Eds. Gerhild Scholz Williams, Sigrun Haude and Christian Schneider. Brill: Chloe Volume 48, 2019.

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"Lazy Foreigners and Indignant Locals: Influence and Rivalry in Bavarian Court Patronage." In The Artist Between Court and City - L'Artiste Entre le Cour et la Ville - Der Künstler zwischen Hof und Stadt (1300-1600), eds. Dagmar Eichberger and Philip Lorentz. Peterberg: Michael Imhoff Verlag, 2017.

“Every Living Beast: Collecting Animals in Early Modern Munich.” In Animals and Early Modern Identity, edited by Pia Cuneo, University of Arizona. Ashgate Publishing Company, 2014.

The Court Art of Friedrich Sustris: Patronage in Late Renaissance Bavaria, Ashgate Publishing Company, 2011.

“The Pursuit of Art and Pleasure in the Secret Grotto of Wilhelm V of Bavaria,” Renaissance Quarterly 61:2 Summer (2008): 414-462.

"A Marriage Commemorated in the Stairway of Fools," Sixteenth Century Journal 36:3 (2005): 717-741.

Recent Conference Talks

"Graphic Diplomacy: The Role of Drawings and Prints in Bavarian Ducal Representation." Invited paper in Ekphrasis and Court - Court culture and the travelogue in the age of confessionalization, Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte, Munich, March 2020 postponed to fall 2020

"Accounting for Color: Artists' Pigments in Sixteenth Century Ducal Inventories" Invited paper in Count Palatine Ottheinrich’s schreibstüblein 1557. On the Early History of the German Kunst- und Wunderkammer. German Palatine Society for the Advancement of the Sciences, Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, postponed to fall 2021

"Strategic Plundering in the Thirty Years War under Maximilian I of Bavaria." Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, St. Louis, October 2019.

"Natural History and History Painting in Peter Paul Rubens' Hippopotamus Hunt." Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Albuquerque, November 2018.

"Artful Negotiator: Peter Paul Rubens in the Cause of Peace." in Rethinking Europe: War and Peace in the Early Modern German Lands, Eigth International Conference Frühe Neuzeit Interdisziplinär, St. Louis, March 2018.

"Flanders Ascendant? The Shift to the North in Ducal Patronage of Early Modern Bavaria" in Batavia in Bavaria. Niederländische und flämische Kunst und Künstler in Süddeutschland. Arbeitskreis Niederländische Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte, Munich, October 2017.

Chair and Organizer, "Art and the Thirty Years' War." Double panel. Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Chicago, March 2017.

"The Munich Kunstkammer: a ‘museum non solum rarum, sed unicum in tota Europa.'" Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Boston, March 2016.

Recent Public Lectures

Art from the Trenches: German Artists and World War I. World War I Centennial Symposium, UW Oshkosh Department of History, 2018

Two Renaissance Clocks: The Orpheus Clock and the Twelve Patriarchs Clock, Milwaukee Art Museum, 2018

Persecuted Images in the German Reformation, College of Letters and Science Luther 500 Commemoration, 2017

Godless Painters, Reformed Artists, and Persecuted Images in the German Reformation, College of Letters and Science Dean's Symposium, 2017.

Material Culture in 1066: Art and History in the Bayeux Tapestry,” Chancellor's Research to Reception Lecture, 2016"Rubens and the Bavarians." Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Berlin, March 2015.

Recent Research Grants

University of Wisconsin Faculty Development Grant - Research, 2019
University of Wisconsin Faculty Development Grant - Teaching, 2018
DAAD Research Fellow, Max-Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin, 2013