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Tibetan Mandalas: The Art of Social Justice

This lesson will focus on the art of Tibetan sand mandalas and their significance to Tibetan culture. I started this lesson in my Global Art art class after we saw the Tibetan Sand Mandala exhibit at The Paine. The class will also focus on the social justice issues...

Visualizing Poetry

Students read poems in art class and created visual art based on the poems they heard. Supporting Documents: Line Discussion Intro Contact:  Amanda Schmidt  

Cubism Portraits

Using the art of cubism, students will deepen their understanding of how characters respond to events in the text. Students create portraits using colors and lines by examining character traits and feelings. Supporting Documents: Cubism Contact:  Liza Huth...

You Can Draw Better Than a Stick Person

In this lesson we will guide the group through the basics of drawing. We will also give them a variety of ideas on how to implement figure drawing into their classroom. Supporting Documents: Stick Person Contacts:  Annette Koepke