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Round Table Session Descriptions

Topic A: Arts Integration – Renee Reszel & Shelby Hermes
Participants will learn the history of drums & create an instrument from recycled materials to play in a drum circle.

Topic B: Food Chain Collages – Kelly Teske
Students investigate predator/prey relationships between living things and how organisms depend on one another & form an interconnected system. Students researched, took notes in art class, and created a food collage.

Topic C: Yes, you CAN integrate Arts and CLR (culturally & linguistically responsive practice) – Sarah Phelps
Brainstorm ways to create intersections from other roundtables and interactive sessions.

Topic D: Native American Research and Map Making – Brooke Lepper & Bryanna Muscia
Students created a research project on a Native American Tribe then used arts integration to create a map based on their research.

Topic E: Setting the Scene with Legos – Brianna Lubbers
Learn how students find impactful scenes in their reading and recreate the scene with Legos. This activity can build on engineering/architecture skills along with literacy skills.

Topic F: Holocaust Butterfly Project – Kathryn Schickert, Sarah Coenen, Paula Hacker
Students researched a victim or survivor of the Holocaust, wrote an adaptive narrative, then created a butterfly learning how colors, patterns, movement, and symbols can portray different feelings within art.

Topic G: Parabolic Lines to Spirograph Mandalas – Renee Schumacher
Using parabolic lines, intricate designs can be created that resemble the designs from spirographs! This session will introduce the concept and use a hands-on activity to create a beautiful design.

Topic H: Deepening Content Knowledge Through Arts Integrated Vocabulary – Kathryn Allen, Shannon Olson
Given a list of words, participants create a design featuring one or more of the words that deepens understanding of the concept carried by the word(s). Be able to describe how the elements of design are related to the concept (i.e. Effigy mounds have kind of an undefined shape, so a repeated pattern of similar undefined shapes frames a design).

Topic I: Reform Movements – Mackenzi Schwarz
Like using social media and not sure how to integrate it into your classroom for assessments? Or, terrified of social media, but students keep telling you that it’s “all the rage”? I use social media in my classroom for students to share information and as an assessment tool. I use social media on a Reform Movements project and will share simple ideas for integrating social media into your classroom.

Topic J: Camouflaging Our Way Through Science – Stephanie Gallagher
Learn about the importance of camouflage, especially for animals. Create camouflage moths and learn color mixing. Come learn about the fun of science and create your own shadow art!