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Bridge Day

ArtsCore Bridge Day was held on Friday, September 24, 2021 in Reeve Union.  It was a fun and energetic afternoon of short, diverse, arts integrated lessons presented by ArtsCore alumni.  Please click here to learn more.

Arts Integration Symposium

The Arts Integration Symposium will be held on Friday, March 11, 2022 in Reeve Union. Watch for details!

Our 2021 keynote session explored the art of puppetry with visual storyteller, educator and puppeteer, Karen Konnerth, followed by sessions featuring arts integration lessons or hot topics relevant in today’s teaching.    Learn more about the breakout sessions here.

Past Events

Guest Speaker Workshops

  • 5/1/21:    ArtShare: 60-Minute Saturday: Poetic Printed Portraits, presented by Jenny Henselin and Mary Yang
  • 4/10/21:  ArtShare: 60-Minute Saturday: Doing National Arts Standards in the S.T.E.A.M. Curriculum, presented by Dr. Yoko Mogi-Hein and Annie West
  • 3/13/21:  Arts Integration Symposium:  Make Learning Pop with Puppets:  Arts Integration Across the Curriculum in the Elementary School Classroom, by Karen Konnerth
  • 2/13/21:  ArtShare: 60-Minute Saturday: Educational Connections and Resources, presented by Mary Pleiss and Kelsey Raschke
  • 2/13/21:  ArtShare: 60-Minute Saturday:  Sculpting with Read-Alouds, presented by Ta Feiter and Brianna Lubbers
  • 1/23/21:  ArtShare: 60-Minute Saturday:  Self-Care for You and Your Students, presented by Teresa Moucha
  • 9/26/20: Bridge Day: Animation in the Classroom: High Tech to No Tech by Mark Jones
  • 2/10/20:  Adaptive Tools and Strategies for Pre-service Teachers, presented by Susan Loesl
  • 3/18/19:  The Music at Hand: How We Improvise and Why It Matters, presented by Bill Bauer
  • 10/15/18:  A sad tale’s best for winter: Shakespearean Romance, Trauma, and the Limits of Storytelling, presented by Ann Pleiss Morris
  • 3/12/18:  Q&A book study with Julia Marshall, Design & Development Consultant to the Alameda County Office of Education’s  Integrated Learning Specialist Program
  • 10/16/17:  Cycropia, aerial dance troupe
  • 9/18/17:   Q&A with Kirsty Mitchell, Fine Art Photographer
  • 4/24/17:  Placed-Based Education:  A Visual Field Trip Across North America, presented by David Sobel
  • 4/24/17:  Traditional Storytelling:  Celebrate the arts, nature and storytelling, presented by Randy Cornelius
  • 4/18/16:  Animation in the Classroom:  Collaborative Storytelling Across the Curriculum, presented by Mark Jones
  • 10/19/15: Layers of Trouble:  How a cicada’s song inspired an artist to find the art in science subjects, presented by Judith Baker Waller