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Arts and Communication, 1001 Elmwood Ave,
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Licensed Teachers

First Year Teachers

ArtsCore helps first year teachers step into the world of teaching and arts integration by pairing them with mentors from ArtsCore’s partner schools. First year teachers and their mentors are invited to participate in additional events outside of the classroom to broaden their professional development skills.

Early Career Teachers (2nd-5th Years)

Teachers in their 2nd-5th year of teaching are invited to participate in Colony at the Paine, a 9 day professional development and networking opportunity held at the Paine Art Center and Gardens throughout the school year.  

Veteran Teachers

ArtsCore offers a variety of opportunities for veteran teachers to build and showcase their teaching talents. Veteran teachers are invited to act as mentors, participate in professional development opportunities, present at events, and more.

Colony Alumni

Licensed Teachers who have successfully completed ArtsCore Colony at the Paine have earned the title, “Colony Alumni.”  Alumni are invited to share and strengthen their professional skills by acting as mentors for new teachers, presenters at ArtsCore events, and more. ArtsCore also provides networking groups and events for alumni to stay engaged with their Colony cohort and discover new leadership opportunities.