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Preservice Teachers at UW Oshkosh

Mission Statement

The ArtsCore Student Organization (ASO) is committed to the mission of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh to further enrich the students and faculty of UW Oshkosh and the community at large. Students belonging to ASO gain experience related to the ongoing methodologies of integrating the arts into education and everyday life.

ASO provides opportunities for any student who wishes to integrate the arts into their work and subjects pursued during their college careers. Working from a multiplicity of artistic philosophies from across the Fine and Performing Arts genre.  Representing diverse geographical points of residence, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and perspectives, through on-campus visits, lectures, workshops, etc., student members will gain access to fresh and distinct artistic viewpoints and methodologies.

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Past Events:

  • Words of Wisdom from Wisconsin’s Teacher of the Year, Kaelee Heideman – October 26th, 2022
  • Light Night at the Paine – September 21, 2022
  • Chalk Walk with Aspiring Educators – April 26, 2022
  • STEAM Night –  April 18, 2022
  • Music and Picture Books – March 14, 2022


ASO is in partnership with Aspiring Educators.



ArtsCore Student Teaching Options are enhanced opportunities that place teacher candidates in select classrooms to collaboratively learn about and implement arts integration with ArtsCore supported cooperating teachers. Placements are in the Appleton or Oshkosh School Districts.

Highly qualified teacher candidates are interviewed by the districts prior to placement in schools.  

Additional coaching and mentoring is provided by an onsite coordinator whose role is to observe, critique, and advise each student throughout the semester.

ArtsCore offers a Teacher in Residency (TIR) and a Student Teaching Internship (WIP).


Teacher Candidate Roles & Responsibilities for both Teachers In Residency (TIRs) AND Interns:

  • Teacher candidate is mentored by a cooperating teacher (CT)
  • Teacher candidate has common meeting and planning time with CT
  • CT gradually releases more lead instruction, planning, and assessment to teacher candidate
  • CT regularly observes, reviews, and assesses progress of teacher candidate and provides constructive feedback
  • University supervisor observes teacher candidate four times throughout semester
  • Teacher candidate has opportunities to observe quality instruction
  • CT models classroom management strategies
  • Teacher candidate CANNOT substitute teach
  • Participate in all host teacher duties such as meetings, parent-teacher conferences, lunch/recess duties and scheduled in-service days.
  • CT completes final evaluation and final narrative at the end of placement


Additional Teacher Candidate Roles & Responsibilities for Interns ONLY

  • Teacher candidate holds intern license and is hired by district for a paid semester-long experience
  • Teacher candidate can carry up to 50% caseload independently
  • Principal is responsible for overseeing the placement and ensuring teacher candidate is receiving adequate support and common planning time with CT
  • Teacher candidate and cooperating teacher can spend up to $250 on professional development or instructional materials for classroom


For information on TIR placement, please contact the ArtsCore office.


Benefits of being an ArtsCore Teacher in Residency

Hear about TIR from Students

Paid internships are offered each semester and summer. Internship applicants must be majoring in education. Watch a video testimonial from one of our past interns here.

Current Internship Opportunities:

  • Winnebago Area Literacy Council Arts Integration Internship – Job description here
  • ArtsCore Paine Student Internship


ArtsCore Scholarship for Preservice Teachers

2023-2024 Recipients:

Hannah Finn

Hannah is a Junior majoring in Art Education. She is grateful for the ArtsCore Scholarship because it will help take some of the weight off of her shoulders with such a heavy course load and working at the UWO Rec Center. She is excited for the upcoming school year, so she can continue with her education, and then start teaching as soon as possible!

Congratulations Hannah!

Willem Flaugher

Willem is a Senior majoring in Music Education. It means the world to him to receive this scholarship. He sees it as an unsurmountable gift because he will now be able to focus all of his energy into his studies without having to worry about how to financially afford it.

Congratulations Willem!

McKenzie Hanson

McKenzie is a Junior majoring in Art Education, with a certificate in coaching. Receiving this scholarship has relieved a large amount of weight off her shoulders because she is able to focus more on her academics and worry less about affording it. She has wanted to be a teacher ever since she was little and sees this scholarship as an investment for her future career and students!

Congratulations McKenzie!

Lesson Plans

Lesson Planning Basics with Lou Chicquette

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To learn about professional opportunities for Early Career teachers, click here

For information on applying for teaching jobs in the Appleton Area School District, click here

For information on applying for teaching jobs in the Oshkosh Area School District, click here

To view current teaching vacancies on WECAN, click here