Cordelia Bowlus, ME, MA

Outreach Program Manager for McNair Scholars Program

It is a great honor to be the director of the UWO McNair Scholars Program! With a M.Ed. in second language acquisition and an M.A. in German language and literature, I came to this position in July 2016 after years of work as an academic advisor and teacher of German and English as a second language at both the secondary and college levels. Having lived, studied, and worked in many parts of the world, including working in the Russian Far East (Siberia), I am a person who has always strives to put myself outside of my comfort zone and adapt to cultures different than my own. While I no longer travel so much, my husband and I now, in addition to raising our own two kids, host and mentor exchange students from around the world. In short, we bring the world to our home and community. I see my role as McNair director as an extension of my life-long mission to cultivate tolerance and social equity through education. Despite the challenges of having to negotiate the complexities of federal regulations and institutional administrative procedures, the privilege of working directly with such highly-motivated and intellectually curious individuals has kept me going and positive about the future. Nothing gives me more personal satisfaction than assisting students in reaching their potential, and, in this sense, McNair is a perfect fit for me.