Zayn Croft

DEI Student Services Coordinator

Zayn is the DEI Student Services Coordinator for queer and transgender students of color at UW Oshkosh. Prior to this position, Zayn taught disabled students in the public school system in Spokane, Washington. Before that, he taught and lived in a few different countries, including Japan and the Czech Republic. He holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Eastern Washington University.

After struggling for many years to balance his biracial identity and gender identity, Zayn strives to help UW Oshkosh students do the same. His goals are to help students build confidence, build community, and to be boldly themselves. Intersectionality, inclusion, and accessible student support have always been at the core of Zayn’s life and work. As a teacher abroad, he led sensitivity workshops about educating racially diverse students, and he engaged with local LGBTQ communities. As a special education professional, Zayn fought and advocated for more school services for his Black, brown, and biracial students.