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Small Wet Anaerobic Biogas System

Allen Farms (BD3)

Location: Allenville, WI.

Owner: University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Developer: BIOFerm™ Energy Systems*

Contact: Brian Langolf,

The Allen Farms biogas project and technology, referred to as the “Titan 64” or the “EUCOlino” (OY-co-lino) conducted by BIOFerm™ Energy Systems and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, involves the first small-scale biogas system in Wisconsin.

It is an innovative, scaled technology involving wet digestion and a 64kW engine using plug flow system technology.

The pilot project located on a family farm with fewer than 250 head of dairy cattle, about 12 miles northwest of the Oshkosh campus. The purpose of the project is to better understand, refine and optimize the process of producing electricity from methane derived from manure.

The acquired knowledge will be shared to make this technology available to small rural farmers. The lasting effects will be to improve management of solid waste in environmentally sound ways, create jobs, produce renewable energy, reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels, and mitigate climate change by reducing fossil carbon emissions.

Organizations involved: Allen Farms, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh*, BIOFerm Energy Systems*, The Viessmann Group* and Wisconsin Public Service

*ABC member

Inputs and Outputs
Biogas Production:Plant designed to produce enough biogas to power a 64kW CHP unit continuously
Feedstock(s):Cow manure, bedding waste, parlor water and other organic residuals from the farm
End Use:CHP, electricity, thermal
Additional Byproduct(s):Final digester effluent for land application/fertilizer
Finances, Beneficiaries and Expansion
Project Financing:This is a shared funding endeavor by UW Oshkosh, BioFerm/Viessmann Group, Focus on Energy and the Wisconsin State Energy Office.
Customer:Wisconsin Public Service and the farm site
Environmental and Economic Beneficiary:Allen Farms, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS), UW Oshkosh and small rural farms will potentially benefit with a refined process and design
Long Term Plans:This facility is planned to be used for student internships, heating adjacent buildings, research, professional development and workshop training site and development of turnkey options for similar small rural farm installations.