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Course Offerings

Communication 537

3 (crs.)

Foundations of Speech Communication Theory

A chronological survey of the major rhetorical treaties of Greece and Rome. A concentration on the rhetorical doctrines of Isocrates, Plato, Aristotle, Longinus, Cicero, Quintilian. Fundamental to all subsequent rhetorical theory. 337/537

Communication 622

3 (crs.)

History of American Public Address

The course will consist of an analysis of congressional, religious, juridical, educational and industrial speakers and speeches. 422/622

Communication 627

3 (crs.)

Rhetorical Criticism

Classical and modern criteria of speech criticism with emphasis on the description, analysis and evaluation of speech performance. Prerequisite: Communication 111. 427/627

Communication 643

3 (crs.)

Organizational Communication

The course deals with the basic content of organizational communication: theory of communication, small groups, interpersonal communication, conflict, communication variables. Attempts to draw the link between the theoretical perspective and the pragmatic application of the topic. 443/643