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Course Offerings

Economics 521

3 (crs.)

Labor Economics

Analysis of the economy’s labor resource. Major topics include labor markets, economic security arrangements, the labor movement, and collective bargaining. Prerequisite: Economics 206, 208 or consent of instructor. 321/521

Economics 539

3 (crs.)

Urban and Regional Economics and Policy

Location theory of economic activities; economics of urban places and regions; analysis of urban-regional problems and policies. Prerequisite: Economics 206 or 208, and Economics 204 or 209, or consent of instructor. 339/539

Economics 568

3 (crs.)

Health Care Economics

A study of the economic structure and problems of health care in the United States. Emphasis on the delivery and pricing of health care and the development of programs to deal with the present ‘Health Care Crisis.’ Prerequisite: Economics 206, 208 or consent of instructor. 368/568

Economics 603

3 (crs.)

Public Sector Economics

Economics of federal, state and local governments; analysis of the effects of expenditures, taxes and subsidies; intergovernmental fiscal relations; efficiency and decision-making in the public sector. Prerequisite: Economics 206 or 208 and Economics 204 or 209 with a grade of ‘C’ or above or consent of instructor. 403/603

Economics 637

1 – 3 (crs.)

Economic Education Workshop

A review of micro and macro economic principles and their application to current issues taught in part through the use of teaching strategies and curriculum materials developed for elementary and secondary teachers. Participants will develop learning outcome objectives, curriculum plans, and evaluation procedures appropriate for teaching economics at their grade level. 437/637

Economics 671

3 (crs.)

Introduction to Mathematical Economics

The application of mathematical tools to economics with emphasis on the description and use of the tools; optimization under both certainty and uncertainty, decision making, model building and estimation. Prerequisite: Economics 206 or 208 and Economics 204 or 209 with a grade of C or better. 471/671

Economics 673

3 (crs.)

Econometric Methods

An introduction to the statistical regression techniques widely used by researchers in Economics and Business Finance. Single and multiple regressing of time-series and cross sectional data. Prerequisite: Economics 206 or 208 and Economics 204 or 209, Economics 210 with grade of C or better. 473/673

Economics 704

1.5 (crs.)

Managerial Economics

An intense theoretical analysis of the market economy for managers and executives. The course is composed of managerial economics, including the market system, consumer theory, theory of the firm, market structure, and distribution theory.

Economics 757

1 – 3 (crs.)

Special Topics in Economic Education

This course examines specific topics of interest of faculty and K-12 teachers who are teaching economics in their classroom. The course may be repeated for credit only if the content if different. Each time it is offered, the topic will be announced in the Timetable and informational brochures. Prerequisite: Economics 637 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Economics 796

3 (crs.)

Independent Study

See Independent Study under Course and Academic Advisement Policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements. Prerequisites: Economics 206 or 208 and Economics 204 or 209 with a grade of C or better and completion of core course for a major or minor in economics and consent of department chair.