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Human Kinetics and Health Education Service Courses

Health Education 710

3 (crs.)

Current Health Issues and Trends

This course will provide graduate students with the necessary background in health content areas such as but not limited to: nutrition, physical activity, personal health, safety and injury prevention, stress, violence and abuse, substance use and abuse, disease prevention, aging, death and dying, as well as mental and emotional stress. Students will learn by doing by taking part in classroom discussions, lectures, creating lessons, exams and creating projects.

Health Education 715

3 (crs.)

Consumer and Community Health

This course will provide graduate students with the necessary background in health content areas (consumer and community health and environmental health).

Health Education 722

3 (crs.)

Curriculum Development and Program Planning in Health Education

This course will provide graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop effective curriculum and learning strategies for health education. Students will become comfortable applying the Wisconsin Standards of Health education with psychosocial skills to assist students in the development of life skills. The course will provide a “hands-on” atmosphere where knowledge is used and skills are practiced.

Health Education 728

3 (crs.)

Instructional Methods and Strategies in Health Education

This course is designed to have graduate students engage in an analysis of effective approaches to teaching health education to children. Students will engage in the application of teaching methods, strategies, techniques and assessments in health education, constructing a series of “hands-on” learning experiences.

Health Education 740

3 (crs.)

Human Sexuality: PK-12 Content and Programming

This course will provide graduate students with a review of current information on Human Sexuality: content and programming. Emphasis is given to biological, political, psychosocial and educational aspects of human sexuality, with special emphasis on instructional activities related to interpersonal communication, decision-making, and clarification of values. State and federal laws and curricular expectations will be reviewed, while gaining a healthy understanding of the controversial issues surrounding the teaching of this content in PK-12 schools.

Physical Education 573

3 (crs.)

Adapted Physical Education

Adaptation of physical education activities based on the needs of students with disabilities. Attention to legislation, placement options and methods of teaching individuals with a variety of disabilities. Prerequisites: Kinesiology 280 and Physical Education 375. 423/523 (3+1)

Physical Education 574

2 (crs.)

Assessment and Prescription Techniques in Adapted Physical Education

Theory and practice in assessment, prescription and programming for individuals with disabilities. Prerequisites: Physical Education 373. 374/574

Physical Education 575

2 (crs.)

Lifespan Motor Development

Study of lifespan motor development from infancy through adulthood, including information on delayed development, psychological factors and the normal pattern of motor skill acquisition. Co-requisite: Kinesiology 280. 375/575 (2+0)

Physical Education 576

2 (crs.)

Sports for Individuals with Disabilities

Contemporary sports opportunities for individuals with disabilities, with application to teaching and transition planning. Prerequisite: Physical Education 373. 376/576

Physical Education 580

2 (crs.)

Adapted Aquatics

A course designed to provide the student with various alternatives in teaching techniques for beginning swimmers and the exceptional student. 380/580 (2+2)

Physical Education 622

3 (crs.)

Physical Education for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Class content considers research, instructional programs and techniques in physical education for developmentally disabled individuals, such as the mentally retarded, learning disabled, and emotionally (behaviorally) disordered. 422/622

Physical Education 624

3 (crs.)

Physical Education for Individuals w Chronic & Permanent Physical Disability

Class content considers research, instructional programs and techniques in physical education for individuals with chronic and permanent physical disabilities based on indicators, limitations, and needs. Prerequisites: Physical Education 373.

Physical Education 682

3 (crs.)

Practicum in Adapted Physical Education

Supervised field experience with programs of physical education/activity for individuals with disabilities. This course is designed for individuals seeking the 860 Adapted Physical Education Licensure. All courses for Adapted Physical Education minor must be completed, or must have approval of the Coordinator of Adapted Physical Education Program. Prerequisite: Open to students with a major or minor in the Department of Human Kinetics &Health Education only. 482/682

Physical Education 710

3 (crs.)

Philosophical Basis for Physical Education

Designed to promote understanding of the various philosophical bases for Physical Education. Philosophical concepts of physical education as a basis for the development of a personal philosophy which can be applied to public school experiences. Prerequisite: A previous course in the history and philosophy of physical education.

Physical Education 720

3 (crs.)

Curriculum Planning in Physical Education

Concepts, procedures and practices of curriculum planning as they apply to curriculum building in public school physical education.

Physical Education 730

3 (crs.)

The Physiological Basis of the Conditioning Process

Concepts selected from fields of physiology, kinesiology, psychology and sociology as they relate to physical education. Prerequisites: Previous coursework in kinesiology, physiology and anatomy.

Physical Education 735

3 (crs.)

Comparative Physical Education

Examination, comparison and analysis of dominant characteristics and development in physical education and sport in various countries of the world. Prerequisite: Physical Education minor.

Physical Education 750

3 (crs.)

Current Perspectives in Physical Education and Sports

Opportunities for advanced research and study of current issues in physical education and sport. Prerequisite: Physical Education minor.

Physical Education 760

3 (crs.)

Organization and Administration of Athletics and Physical Education

Philosophy and methodology of organizing and administering an efficient program of physical education and athletics within the total school curriculum. Policies and procedures necessary to carry out the program. Prerequisite: Physical Education minor.

Physical Education 770

3 (crs.)

Assessing Human Behavior in Physical Education

Basic framework for using measurement techniques in physical education. Assessment as a functional part of teaching method in all domains of learning. Prerequisite: Physical Education minor.