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Women and Gender Studies

Course Offerings

Women’s & Gender Studies 539

3 (crs.)

Sociology of the Family

The course examines the family system in the U.S. and elsewhere, including the ways family structures both reinforce and challenge gender roles. Sociological and gender-based theories of the family are explored as well as the complex relationships among marriage, parenting, work, and family. Varieties of family experience are considered, with special attention given to issues concerning competing definitions of the family. Cross-listed: Women’s and Gender Studies 339/539/Sociology 339/539. Students may receive credit for only one of the two cross-listed courses. Prerequisites: Sociology 101 or 151, or 203 or consent of instructor. 339/539

Women’s & Gender Studies 550

3 (crs.)

Women, Race and Class

Explores how women’s lives are shaped by the intersections of the major socially-constructed systems of differentiation and power: race, class, gender and sexual orientation. Examines how women of color have shaped feminist thought and how all of us can participate together in feminist and anti-racism work. Fulfills Ethnic Studies general education requirement. Prerequisite: Women’s and Gender Studies 201 or consent of instructor.

Women’s & Gender Studies 566

1 – 3 (crs.)

Service Learning Field Study

In this course, students will apply their Women’s Studies education in service activities in the community related to women’s issues, under the supervision of an individual at the site and a member of the faculty or academic staff. Students will volunteer for a certain number of hours per week depending upon the number of credits they will receive. Students will also write reflective papers that connect their service experiences with relevant readings. Additional work is required for graduate credit. Prerequisites: Instructor permission and 6 hours of Women’s and Gender Studies course credit. (NOTE: The general prerequisites for Independent Study/Related Readings are waived for this course.)

Women’s & Gender Studies 595

3 (crs.)

Special Topics

A course on a topic not normally covered in the curriculum. Each time it is offered, the topic will be announced in the timetable. May be repeated with different content.