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The Honors College at UW Oshkosh

Laurence D. Carlin, Dean

It is the mission of The Honors College to foster an environment that allows the University’s most qualified and motivated students to fulfill their intellectual promise while developing a range of abilities and talents. To that end, The College not only creates and supports courses for Honors students that are small, discussion based, and rigorous, but also sponsors social, cultural, and intellectual co-curricular activities. These courses and activities are designed to challenge the University’s best students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and community leaders.

The Honors College places the student-faculty relationship at the center of its mission by promoting teaching excellence, directed and collaborative research and scholarship, and formal and informal mentoring. Through its mission, The Honors College provides for the larger University community a model program dedicated to the ideals of a comprehensive education.

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Office: Oviatt House
Telephone: (920) 424-1303
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Honors Core Courses:

Honors   175                                           3 (crs.)

Honors Seminar (XS)

An interdisciplinary seminar required of all students in The Honors College. The course is designed to demonstrate the interaction between different areas of study within the university. A particular theme is selected each term. The seminar develops how that theme is meaningful in various academic disciplines. Prerequisite: Enrolled in good standing in The Honors College at UW Oshkosh.

Honors   275                                           3 (crs.)

Honors: Culture Connection(XC)

This course is intended to assist students with 1) cultivating strategies for engaging deeply with cultural experiences and events, and 2) furthering their development as writers. To that end, students will read a selection of essays on cultural criticism as well as cultural critiques of theatrical performances, music recitals and concerts, art exhibits, etc. In addition, students are expected to attend cultural events on campus or in the community and to write their own critiques of those events. Prerequisites: Enrolled in good standing with The Honors College at UW Oshkosh; prior enrollment in HNRS 175.

Honors   446                                           1-3 (crs.)

H: Independent Study

As with other Independent Study courses, the following should appear in the Catalog (Bulletin): See Independent Study under Course and Academic Advisement Policies information for general course description, general prerequisites, and proper contract form requirements. Prerequisites: Enrolled in good standing with The Honors College at UW Oshkosh; prior enrollment in HNRS 175 and HNRS 275.

Honors   475                                           3 (crs.)

Honors Senior Seminar

An interdisciplinary, theme-based seminar offered to Honors students to meet the senior capstone requirement for The Honors College. The course focuses on a topic (e.g., “Global Issues,” “Poverty,” etc.) that is examined within a broad, interdisciplinary perspective. Students develop a final project in their major that intersects with the course topic. The course emphasizes active engagement and interdisciplinary studies. Prerequisites: Enrolled in good standing with The Honors College at UW Oshkosh; prior enrollment in HNRS 175 and HNRS 275.