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Individually Planned Major



Letters and Science Dean’s Office

Interdisciplinary Studies
Office: N/E 101
Telephone: (920) 424-1222


Interdisciplinary Studies courses transcend traditional disciplinary lines to approach subjects from multiple perspectives. As multidisciplinary endeavors in content, theoretical perspectives, or goals, these courses do not have a regular disciplinary home and may be taught by faculty from different disciplines or team-taught. Interdisciplinary Studies courses may be offered in a regular classroom setting, in the field or through other self-paced formats. Other interdisciplinary courses associated with specialized programs are not listed here.



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Summary of Fields of Study

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Admission/Graduation Requirements

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Required Core Courses

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The Major(s), with Emphases and/or Options

  1. The Individually Planned Major (IPM) allows students with special academic or career goals that are not met by existing majors to plan an interdisciplinary major. Students proposing an IPM may have earned no more than 60 units (crs.), and must have at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. The IPM is not to be used to create a major for which the University has no curricular authorization or to duplicate a major available at another state institution. Its design permits the student to take University courses in sequence and combinations not available through existing majors. Students select existing courses with the assistance of an Academic Program Committee made up of faculty/staff with expertise in the specific areas of the planned major. These courses make up a written curricular plan prepared by the student and approved by the committee; the plan is then submitted to the Dean of the College of Letters and Science for approval. Upon approval, this plan becomes a contract that the student must fulfill. When the student graduates, the transcript is marked Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science degree, Individually Planned Major: (Title) as determined by the Academic Program Committee.

The Minor(s)

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