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Online and Continuing Education



The Division of Online and Continuing Education extends the resources of the university to those who cannot participate in, or are not best served by, a traditional degree program delivered in a traditional format.  By offering a variety of credit and non-credit, degree and non-degree, and face-to-face and online educational opportunities, we make the resources and expertise of the university available to working adults and lifelong learners in Northeast Wisconsin and throughout the state.

Online Degree and Certificate Programs

OCE offers a variety of online degree and certificate programs designed for the non-traditional, adult learner.  All of the online programs are fully accredited University of Wisconsin degrees.  The programs can be completed 100% online and are offered in an accelerated format.  Each course has assignments and deadlines, but there are no structured “class times.”  Students schedule their study time and school work around their work and life events.  Financial aid is available for the online degree programs.

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education department upholds a tradition of innovative and on-trend programming, meeting the needs of today’s dynamic learner.

Locally and nationally recognized learning opportunities serve lifelong learners of every age.  Programs include professional development, personal enrichment, educational travel, and a variety of camps, workshops, and institutes for youth.  Programs utilize a variety of delivery modalities, including face-to-face, online, and hybrid learning.

By understanding the importance of lifelong learning, Continuing Education provides opportunities for individual growth, supports area businesses, and strengthens the community.