Proctorio is an online proctoring tool designed to help ensure academic integrity. It’s integrated into Canvas and available at no charge to students to use. Please be strategic when you choose the quiz you want to use Proctorio on as we have a limited number of licenses to cover all of UW Oshkosh.

Am I required to use online proctoring?

No. The use of Proctorio is optional. If you decide to use it you can determine the extent of proctoring you want to do. If you didn’t want to record the video of your students taking the test you could turn that feature off.

Installing Proctorio on your computer

Both students and faculty must use the Google Chrome web browser and install the Proctorio Chrome plugin. If students do not use the Google Chrome browser with the plugin they will not be able to take the test. 

How do I set it up?

  • You need to activate it in your Canvas course by choosing;
    • “Settings > Navigation (tab)”
    • Selecting the three dots next to the button “Secure Exam Proctor” 
    • Choose “Enable”
    • Save


Proctorio Options and Settings

After activating Proctorio on your quiz you will get a new tab next to the “Questions” tab.

Below are the available Proctorio setting options.

Recording Options

Unless you know exactly what you want to record it’s recommended that you choose the first 4 options. You can always choose to not to use them but you can’t go back if you change your mind later.

  • Record Video 
    Records from the web camera.
  • Record Audio
    Records the audio from the microphone
  • Record Screen
    Records anything on the screen during the test
  • Record Web Traffic
    Records sites and URLs that were visited while taking the test
  • Record Room
    Takes a screen recording of the room the student is in at the time while taking the test

(Read more about all of the Recording Options)

Lock Down Options

  • Force Full Screen
    Allows you to choose if the browser window should be at full screen and how long you will allow the browser to not be at full screen. Your options here are
    • Lenient
    • Moderate
    • Severe
  • Only One Screen
    Can a student have more than one screen attached? If selected the student would need to unplug the second monitor.
  • No New Tabs
    Disables tabs other than the one taking the test.
  • Close Open Tabs
    Students would need to close any other open tabs.
  • Disable Printing
    Prevent students from printing the test
  • Disable Clipboard
    No copying to the clipboard will be allowed
  • Block Downloads
  • Clear Cache
    When the student exits the quiz the cache is cleared
  • Disable Right Click
    Disallows right-clicking (easy access to copy/paste)
  • Prevent Re-entry
    If a student leaves an exam Proctorio will not allow them to reenter the test

( Read more about all of the Lock Down Options )

Verification Options

  • Verify Video
    Ensures student’s face is visible and place properly
  • Verify Audio
    Can Proctorio Detect sound in the room?
  • Verify Desktop
    Ensures desktop is viewable
  • Verify ID:
    Students would need to show ID to the web camera. This does not need to be a Titan ID it can be anything you want them to use.
  • Verifiy Signature
    Students will be required to sign a form before opening the test. This will be recorded.

( Read more about the Verification Options )

In-Quiz Tools

Proctorio has the following utilities that you can allow students to use during the test.

  • Calculator
  • White Board

( Read more about the Quiz Tool Options )

Behavior, Frame and Exam metrics

Behavior Settings

Allow you to adjust the weight of suspicious behavior and can be modified post-test-taking. Consider starting out with the “Recommended” settings to start with.

Frame Metrics

Set your suspicious behavior threshold.

Exam Metrics

Compare one test-takers actions to the rest of the class.

Computer-Based Abnormalities


Environmental Abnormalities


Technical Abnormalities

( Read more about the Behavior Settings )


Further Reading

Below are links to Proctorio documentation answering common student questions and instructor guides.