Keep checking this page for updated decisions, temporary revisions to policy, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff.

Also make sure to see the main UW Oshkosh Coronavirus website for continually updated information for all employees and the general public.  While we will make every attempt to update this page with information specifically for Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff, the university’s Coronavirus website contains information of interest to all members of the university community.

For guidelines, best practices and technical tips for delivering the remainder of your Spring semester courses in alternative delivery modes, see the UWO Instructional Continuity site.


Decisions & Updates

Suspension of Placement Test Requirement for Fall 2020: The Provost has suspended the requirement for incoming students to complete UW System placement exams for Fall 2020 admissions.  The Provost will work with the Deans and individual departments to determine methods for placement of incoming students for Fall 2020.

Suspension of SOS for Spring 2020: In an email dated March 18, 2020, Provost Koker wrote, “After consulting with others, I have made the decision to cancel the Student Opinion Surveys (student evaluation of teaching) that are centrally administrated for all spring 2020 classes. I will document this action so no employee is negatively affected in any future personnel decision. This does not change anything your unit or department is planning to do. That is your decision. This applies only to the centrally-administered University SOS process. I encourage you to individually solicit student feedback as you see fit.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we still submit 7 week course grades on the normal timeline?Yes, the grade submission feature will be available and stay open longer (April 3rd) to accommodate students who need until March 30th to finish coursework.
Which session is losing a week? The first 7 weeks or the second 7 weeks?1st seven weeks.
Will we extend the drop dates?Yes, the drop date for the 14-week session has been extended to May 15.
Should cohort classes off campus still meet if they are held at K-12 schools?If the site/school is open, cohort courses can meet. As of now, all K12 schools in Wisconsin are closed.
Should students continue their internship/field placement/student teaching?Yes, as long as their school/agency remains open.

Can department/college/curriculum meetings be held online/Zoom/Collaborate Ultra as long as they are properly noticed?Anything can be held online. Check with the Dean to ensure that you are meeting the requirements of the Open Records law.
Can students gather to do group projects?Faculty and staff are not allowed to require group meetings. Students who decide on their own to meet are strongly encouraged to meet virtually.
Can students use the university computer labs and other university resources/spaces?Campus buildings will be closed to students starting March 23.
Are we suspending all on-site meetings between faculty/staff or can groups continue to meet?Groups should continue to meet, but only virtually--not face to face.
Are events in the Culver Family Welcome Center sponsored by the colleges cancelled?Yes.
What about events with outside entities such as the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program?Cancel it for the rest of the time consistent with any external restrictions.
Any plans to offer counseling to students stressed by events?The Counseling Center will provide remote telecounseling. Students can call the Counseling Center phone during business hours, and the call will be immediately forwarded to a staff member.
What about students who do not heed warnings to not travel? How will we know?It may be up to the students to let us know.
Will Commencement still be held?
The face to face ceremony in May will not occur. A discussion is underway to plan a virtual ceremony or some other format.
How far out are we canceling events?At this time, all events are canceled through Spring interim.
Will students/faculty have library access?The libraries on all three UW Oshkosh campuses are closed. Of course, students retain access to all of the libraries' online materials.

Should student workers continue to show up for their campus jobs?Only under special circumstances and with prior permission from HR. Contact HR before directing any student worker to come to campus.
Title & Total Compensation (TTC) was supposed to go live by now. Is this going to be changed?TTC is being postponed for three months.
Internships and clinicals -- should students continue?Yes, as per their employer's policies.
Are there any limitations on clinical hours for students by week or day?Work with partner sites.
What about communication to partners (e.g., employers, clinical sites)? Can we send updates or do we need communications to be approved?If messages go outside of College, these have to be approved by the Provost. However, please follow the communication line of chair and/or dean. Do not email the Provost directly with questions.
Should we communicate with internship/clinical sites about the risks of student travel during spring break? Are employers aware?Each College can manage this in the way they see best for their partners.
There is a ban on university travel and reimbursement -- what about mileage for clinicals and supervision visits?If clinical sites are open and students are still working at the sites, travel will be reimbursed for faculty supervisors to visit the sites. Otherwise, travel is banned and will not be reimbursed.
In the announcement, it says that people who travel MAY be required to self-quarantine. Who is making this decision?This has been changing constantly. See the campus Coronavirus website for up-to-date information.
Will the Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program move forward as planned?We will not receive any additional money from UW System to assist with VRIOP, as hoped, but the program will continue as planned.
I can't progress in my research activities with the restrictions in place. Will this hurt my chanced to receive tenure?The Provost wants to reassure faculty who become eligible for tenure next year that he will be approving requests to stop the clock due to COVID-19. This does not apply to faculty who have already submitted applications for tenure and are currently in the review cycle.

Is Conferences enabled in Canvas for our university?We have no Conferences feature on our instance of Canvas. Canvas does include a Discussions tool and a Collaborations tool.
Can I change the time my class meets?No. If you are asking students to meet virtually as a class (rather than creating an asynchronous online class), you need to keep your same class time.
Can faculty continue to hold office hours after March 30th?Faculty cannot hold physical office hours. They may hold virtual office hours, working remotely.
Can faculty still meet one-on-one with students after March 30th?Faculty should meet with students over the phone or via teleconferencing, or communicate via email of Canvas. They should not meet with students in a physical location.
How are we to do exams moving forward?Each faculty member can make this decision. Some options would be to give timed tests online, use take home exams, etc.
Does the Univeristy use Proctorio online proctoring software? The University does not offer any online proctoring services at this time.
Can off-site programs (e.g., EMBA) continue to meet in person?No, off-site programs must suspend face-to-face. We will work with students to determine their preferences for virtual classes, postponement of classes, or other options.
How do we accommodate students who normally take their exams at Project Success (i.e., their accommodation may require non-distracting environment, etc.)? Accommodations of extra time are not a problem, but other requirements may be.See the communication from the Project Success office that is posted on the Instructional Continuity web page.
What about students without internet access?This page contains a list of options for getting Internet access during the coronavirus oubreak: Students can also be referred to the Dean of Students office for assistance.
The presumption is that students remain well; what if a student gets sick?We have extended the drop date to accommodate this possibility. Also, students may follow the existing provisions for medical situations by contacting Dean of Students Office.
What about SOS evals?There will be no university-wide distribution of SOS evals for the Spring semester. Individual instructors and departments may distribute online evaluations at their discretion.
What should faculty do about peer evaluations?The Provost and Deans recommend that all departments suspend peer evaluations for the Spring semester.
Given the circumstances, can I change my grading scheme to PASS/FAIL for this semester?Instructors do not have the authority to change their grading criteria to PASS/FAIL if the course currently requires a letter grade.
Can I give all of my students an Incomplete for this semester and catch up the work when we can all return to campus?Instructors may not require students to extend their semester by giving everyone a grade of "Incomplete." Individual "Incompletes" may still be awarded on a case by case basis, using the same criteria you normally use.
Can I require students to attend online classes at the same times that the class is scheduled to meet in person?With the reduced operations on campus, many international students have returned home to different time zones. If you are using synchronous instruction, you should make accommodations for them.

If you have additional questions pertaining specifically to policies or processes for instruction or specifically pertaining to Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff, start by talking to your department or program chair or Dean.  If the question is not resolved, send it to Charlie Hill at