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CAPP Ambassadors 

What does a CAPP Ambassador do?

CAPP Ambassadors are faculty members on campus at UW Oshkosh. Our Ambassadors represent a range of majors and specialties here, and they are prepared to share how students’ CAPP classes can help position them for success here on campus. Ambassadors are trained to give information on their specific majors, as well as general information about future careers in their field, the campus, and how to navigate college through the lens of the UW Oshkosh experience. 

    Meet the team!

    Kelley Duhatschek

    Kelley Duhatschek

    CAPP Ambassador, English/Theatre

    I chose to be a CAPP Ambassador because I enjoys the benefits of my UW Oshkosh education every day and have dedicated most of my professional life to helping others to do the same. My liberal education at UW Oshkosh prepared me for success in many areas essential to living a whole, full life including diverse career opportunities, creative production and expression, intellectual curiosity, good health, and the means and energy to maintain satisfying social relationships and community involvement. A graduate of Oshkosh West High School, I went on to receive both my undergraduate degree in Communications/Theatre and my Master’s Degree in English from UW Oshkosh where I teaches in the English department and the USP program. In my junior year of the theatre program, I used the experience, skills, and confidence I acquired there to found Rebel Alliance Theatre, an independent non-profit, producing company and training program that continues to operate to this day. My interests are far too numerous to name, but include American Little Theatre (especially Sam Shepard), Shakespeare, Dungeons and Dragons, neuro-diversity, yoga, sustainability, and binge-ing television series with really high production values.

    Dr. Bob Kunkel

    Dr. Bob Kunkel

    CAPP Ambassador, Business/Finance

    I chose to become a CAPP Ambassador because CAPP changes lives! CAPP not only makes higher education more affordable by reducing time to graduation, but also helps high school students transition more smoothly into college. I have seen first-hand the impact of CAPP on my twin sons who each completed eight CAPP classes giving them a full-year head start on college. As a department chair and finance professor, I have extensive experience in curriculum building and look forward to building 1+3 business programs where high school students complete one full year of college credits while in high school and then complete their business degree in only three years at UW Oshkosh. I plan to build on my CAPP liaison experience where I have worked with over 30 high schools. On the personal side, I spend most of my free time with my wife Erin and our twin boys. We are big Packer fans just love Wisconsin summers which include trips to Door County, Wisconsin Dells, and Devil’s Lake State Park.

    Dr. Leigh-Ann Lethco

    Dr. Leigh-Ann Lethco

    CAPP Ambassador, Music Education

    As a former band director and music teacher in the public schools, I am looking forward to working with students, teachers, families and administrators who are interested in, or are participating in, the UW Oshkosh CAPP program. My bachelor’s and master’s degrees are in Music Education from Ohio University and my PH.D is in Music Education with a minor in Wind Conducting from Louisiana State University. I currently teach a variety of music classes at UW Oshkosh, primarily in the music education curriculum. With supervision of student teachers as part of my job at UW Oshkosh, I enjoy visiting and observing in local schools and look forward to including CAPP visits. I chose to be a part of the CAPP program because I’m proud to teach at UW Oshkosh and this is an exceptionally well-run program. It is highly beneficial to high school students who seek curricular challenges and/or want to benefit from earning college credits at a significantly reduced cost while in high school. My daughter is a freshman in college and is currently benefitting from earning many UW Oshkosh CAPP credits. I want to encourage and help others to take part in this program and enjoy all of the benefits it can provide. UW Oshkosh is a special place filled with welcoming people.

    Dr. Jeff Pickron

    Dr. Jeff Pickron

    CAPP Ambassador, History

    I am a historian at UW Oshkosh. My teaching, researching and writing interests focus on United States social and political movements of the 20th Century. I left my home state of Texas about 16 years ago to join the history department at UWO. Back then, one of the things I knew about Wisconsin was the history of the Wisconsin Idea. This is the idea that the “boundaries of the university are the boundaries of the state.” This idea has guided work at the UW System since its earliest days and I continue to believe that the university should provide value for all citizens of Wisconsin.

    Through my years of teaching and as the director of several statewide history projects, I’ve seen how a university education can transform the lives of students and how those students go on to make huge contributions to their communities. As a CAPP Ambassador I’d like to connect more Wisconsin high school students to the incredible possibilities that come with a college education. As a CAPP liaison, as well as the father of a CAPP student, I’ve seen how CAPP classes can introduce students to the challenge of college-level study, reduce college costs and increase accessibility to higher learning. I’m excited to share what I know about the benefits of this program and the many opportunities available at UWO.

    Dr. Barton Pritzl

    Dr. Barton Pritzl

    CAPP Ambassador, Physics/Astronomy

    I received my Bachelor’s degree with a major in physics from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, and my Master’s degree and Ph. D. in astronomy from Michigan State University. My main areas of interest are studying pulsating variable stars, clusters of stars, and small galaxies. Recently, my interest in rocketry has grown. I started as a CAPP liaison as a way to connect with high school teachers and to help high school students. I feel as a CAPP ambassador that I will be able to help to open up more opportunities to high schools to offer more college level courses. This can help to raise the academic standards at the high schools we are working with. CAPP will also help to make the path through college easier for students.

    Tim Wren, DNP

    Tim Wren, DNP

    CAPP Ambassador, Nursing

    I have a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in Forensic nursing from University of Tennessee, A Master of Science degree in Cardiovascular and cardiac rehabilitation from Rush University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Union College in Nursing.

    I have been a staff CV nurse, a critical care nurse, a critical care educator for a large Midwestern teaching hospital, a critical care CNS for an inner city Chicago hospital, a legal nurse consultant, a staff PACU nurse and an educator.

    My interests/expertise include post disaster review, critical care, legal/ethical issue in education and health promotion. I can talk about any nursing related topic and also discuss some pre medical/dental preparation. I like to share what a great career nursing is and has been for me and love to answer questions!

    Julie Zuleger

    CAPP Ambassador, Human Kinetics and Health Education

    I chose to become a CAPP Ambassador to help students reach their potential. I have a passion for educating and helping others reach their full potential, especially in the area of health education and leading a healthy lifestyle. CAPP allows students to prepare for college and receive college credit at a reduced rate while still in high school.

    I enjoy meeting with CAPP adjunct instructors and students to introduce them and share the benefits of the CAPP program at UW- Oshkosh. One of my favorite parts of being a CAPP liaison and ambassador is visiting schools and interacting with the students and adjunct instructors. I see the passion created and shared in the classroom.

    I currently teach in the Human Kinetics and Health Education department that prepares students to teach Physical Education, Health Education, and Adapted Physical Education. My research interests include human movement, strength and conditioning, body image and coping strategies.

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