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Liaisons are faculty members from UW Oshkosh who serve as mentors to the adjunct high school instructors approved by their academic department to teach CAPP courses. They help with the oversight and support of quality of these CAPP courses (see requirements listed below). Liaisons are compensated and reimbursed for travel. Each year liaisons receive a contract with the CAPP Office at the fall liaison meeting that details the high schools, adjuncts and courses he or she is responsible for that year.


Requirements for Being a Liaison

  1. Mentor adjunct teachers by visiting them in their classrooms at least once per course AND conduct at least one other visit with your adjunct in a manner that is mutually agreeable to you and your adjunct. First-year adjuncts must have a Peer Evaluation done during the first semester the course is offered.
  2. Complete site visit reports for each visit and submit to CAPP office by end the CAPP course. Complete the Course Evaluation at the end of the course.
  3. Participate in the annual faculty liaison meeting.
  4. Attend the entire annual Spring meeting and prepare a 2 hour workshop for your adjuncts to offer during the summer.  These may be done in conjunction with other liaisons in your department as long as the overall workshop is approved by the CAPP Office.
  5. Ensure that the off-campus CAPP section of the campus-based course is comparable in quality. This would include, but not be limited to:
  • Collaboration with adjunct instructor on course outline/syllabus.
  • Collect syllabi and send to CAPP office.
  • Determine if content, pedagogy and assessment are congruent with campus course.
  • Assist adjunct faculty with determining eligibility for special students that do not meet current CAPP admission guidelines and approving these CAPP students with teacher recommendation.
  • Define testing procedure, using comparable (if not identical) examinations as that of a campus-based course.
  • Decide if you and your adjuncts will offer an on-campus student field day. If you decide to have a field day, work with your adjunct teacher and the CAPP office to plan and oversee the implementation of the field day.
  • If at all possible, participate in campus visits when your adjunct(s) and their class(es) visit to campus.
  • Write supporting letters (or assist in other manners) for students encountering difficulty in securing recognition of their UW Oshkosh credits earned through CAPP.

Additional Opportunities for Compensation

  1. Consider conducting a professional development opportunity (course or workshop) for graduate credit with first-year CAPP adjuncts. If you do decide to offer a professional development opportunity, adjuncts need not participate—unless completing a directed study is a condition that needs to be met by an adjunct who has been accepted provisionally. The work performed by adjuncts is defined by the faculty liaison. CAPP faculty liaisons could request CAPP adjuncts to complete a variety of assignments, including keeping a reflective journal of their first year of teaching and writing a research paper pertinent to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh course.
  2. Consider developing a longer summer workshop, series of workshops, or independent study for graduate credit designed to strengthen the skills of existing adjuncts or to develop new adjuncts. The content of these workshops should be approved by the corresponding department, as needed, and necessary for adjunct approval.
  3. Consider teaching an online section of your course, or a new course for CAPP students.

If you are interested in becoming a liaison

  • If your Department currently has courses being taught for CAPP, contact your Department Chair.
  • If your Department currently does not have courses being taught for CAPP, contact the CAPP office: We would be happy to work with you to reach out to high schools to offer your courses.


Site Visit Reports – completed after each visit with adjunct, available through CAPPlink Course Evaluations – Submitted once per course, at the end of the year. These are also accessed through CAPPlink. CAPPlink homepage


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