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Take the First Step Toward

your Bachelor's Degree

Take the First Steps Towards your Bachelors Degree

First Apply (Step 1)

Application Instructions - Fall application Due July 31st, spring application due Dec 20

You may wish to view the PDF of the Information Needed For Admission so you have everything you need before filling out the application.

It would be helpful to use these sheet to keep track of the several Log-ins you will need throughout this process: CAPP Log-In Tracking Sheet


Click here for full PDF instructions to start your application!

CAPP Live Application Help

As a new feature during COVID-19 concerns, live application help will be available on weekdays between 8am-12pm. If live help is currently available, you will see a link below.


In order to join the online room, you need to provide a name (first name only is fine), and test your microphone and speakers. If you do not wish to share your audio or video, you may turn these off once you connect.


Live Assistance is not currently available. Please email the CAPP Office with questions.

What if I submit my application late? (After the deadlines)

If you submit your application after July 31, you MUST request your registration information using the link below. If you do not request your information, you cannot continue with course registration.





Complete this form AFTER submitting your application (instructions above):

Late Application Information Request Form

When should I expect to hear more information?

The application process is free and you will have no obligation to take a CAPP course. Completing the admission application is required prior to registering for your CAPP courses.

  •  You must complete a new admission application for each academic year you take CAPP courses. You cannot be enrolled in CAPP courses for the current year unless you have submitted an application for the current year.
  • ALL STUDENTS must complete the application every year, even if they have taken CAPP courses in the past.
  • The admission application DOES NOT enroll you in classes. You must also register (see Step 2: Register on the right).

Eligibility requirements are evaluated at the time of registration (Step 2)

If you are a junior or senior and meet at least one of the following requirements, you may enroll in CAPP:

  • Class rank in the top 25 percent
  • GPA of 3.25 or above (on a 4.0 scale)
  • ACT score of 24 or higher and at least one of the following:
    • class rank in the top 50 percent
    • GPA of 2.75 or above

If a student is exceptional in a certain area in which he or she desires to take a CAPP course, but this student does not meet the above criteria, he or she may be allowed to enroll. Students should contact their instructor for additional information.

Instructors: If the student does not meet the minimum requirements view the Teacher & Liaison Sign-Off Policy below.

Teacher and Liaison Sign-Off Policy

If a student wishing to enroll in a CAPP course does not meet the requirements for enrollment (found here), then the CAPP adjunct must complete a recommendation form justifying the student’s placement in the CAPP course.

Adjunct Teacher recommendations to enroll a student should be considered only when a student is exceptional in a certain area of study, yet overall does not meet the current guidelines for CAPP participation.  

In order to recommend a student for a CAPP course who otherwise does not meet the requirements for CAPP participation follow these steps:

  • Student submits the online registration form.
  • Adjunct teacher, while entering the eligibility information on the student’s registration form, will also write their recommendation to their liaison in the Notes box provided.

Credit Overload Policy

CAPP students can take no more than 15 credits in a semester per UW Oshkosh policy (full year course credits count towards fall and spring semester credit loads). Credit Overload Forms must be submitted by the student and approved by the high school guidance counselor and CAPP Director for taking more than 15 credits (apx. 4 courses).

Math Placement Information

Math Placement Exam

All students are required to take the UW System Math Placement exam prior to their first college math course (CAPP included).  Your school may schedule a specific CAPP testing session, otherwise you are responsible for completing the exam on your own. You have up to 2 attempts to place sufficiently, and must allow at least 15 days in between testing attempts.

The placement exam can be taken at any UW location, just make sure to communicate that your scores should be sent to UW Oshkosh for CAPP.

As of Fall 2019, the minimum placement/prerequisite scores for Math courses are as follows:

Course Math Fundamentals Advanced Algebra Trigonometry/ Analytic Geometry Alternate Prerequisite
Math 108 466 150 150 Math 103 (C grade or higher) or equivalent
Math 109 466 150 150
Math 171 561 571 611 Math 108 (C grade or higher) or equivalent
Math 172 Math 171 (C grade or higher), or score 3 or higher on AP Calc AB Exam
Math 273 Math 172 (C grade or higher) or score 4 or 5 on the AP Calc BC Exam

Contact Us

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