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Dropping CAPP courses


  • Dropping the course through your high school does not drop you from the CAPP section. 

  • Students are responsible for getting the appropriate drop paperwork to the CAPP Office.

  • Incorrect forms will be returned to the student for corrections. Please read the instructions below to make sure you are using the correct form, and providing the correct information.


Fall 2021 Semester Deadlines

Application deadline July 31, 2021
Registration deadline* September 14, 2021
Drop deadline** October 14, 2021


Spring 2022 Semester Deadlines

Registration deadline February 8, 2022
Drop deadline March 8, 2022
Forms to Drop CAPP Courses

Please complete all forms using standard blue or black ink. Make sure you are using the correct form!

Drop Card: Use this form if you are enrolled in multiple CAPP courses and wish to drop one but remain in others.

Term Withdrawal Form: Use this form if you are dropping all CAPP courses in a term, whether it is 1 out of 1 course or 4 out of 4 courses.

**Make sure you provide the correct course information. If you submit a form that has incorrect or incomplete information, the form will not be accepted. You may view course information on TitanWeb, or through MyUWO Portal registration site.

Forms must be received by the drop deadline. You may review the drop deadline for the current term in the box above. Please email completed drop forms to the CAPP Office at

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