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Online Registration (step 2)


You must use your NetID log in to access the registration site: 

1A: New students: NetID first time activation instructions

What is my NetID username?

Your NetID username is in the email that also contains your UWO student ID.

 Where do I activate my NetID for the first time?

If this is your very first CAPP class, you need to activate your NetID.

You may either follow these written instructions, or use the video below.

1. Make sure you have your correct NetID username (reference the email you received) You may also look up your username using the Student Directory (everything before @ in your email address is your NetID username).

2. Go to (keep these instructions open as well)

3.  On the page linked above, click the circle next to “First time activation”

4. Enter your NetID username into the first box (do not include “

5. Enter your 7-digit UWO ID number in the second box.

6. Type your new password in the third box.

  • Your password must meet the requirements shown on the password change page.
  • Once your password meets the requirements, an “acceptable password” message will appear to the right of the box.

7. Re-type your password, making sure that “passwords match” (message will appear to the right of the text box).

8. Click “Change Password.” You should then receive a message that says password change was successful.

  • If you receive Error 1: You may have entered incorrect information. Double check that your username and ID number are typed correctly.
    • You may look yourself up in the Student Directory to confirm your NetID (everything before the @ of your email address).
  • If you receive Error 4: You have already created a password for your NetID. If you forgot this password, you must reset using the instructions for returning students below.

If, after following these instructions, you are still receiving an error, you may call the Help Desk for assistance. The Help Desk is available Mon-Fri from 7:30am-4:30pm at 920-424-3020. The CAPP Office is unable to assist with any NetID issues that are not address in the above instructions.

IMPORTANT: Students must call the Help Desk directly. In following university policy, the Help Desk CANNOT discuss student accounts with anyone other than the student (including parents, teachers, and high school counselors).

1B: Returning students: Make sure your NetID password is active



How do I reset my password?


If you know your old password, you may use the Change Password feature on this page:

If you need to reset your password, first try the online self-service. Here is the direct link for password reset self-service: Instructions here:

If the online self-service doesn’t work, you must call the Help Desk to reset your password. The Help Desk is open from 7:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri and their number is 920-424-3020. You will be asked to confirm some personal information, and it is best to have access to a computer when you call.

IMPORTANT: The student must call the Help Desk themselves, as the Help Desk cannot communicate account information with parents, teachers, or counselors.


2: ACCESS TITANWEB for financial agreement

Before you can be officially added to the UWO roster, you must approve the financial agreement on TitanWeb. This has next to no impact for CAPP students, but is still required for every active UW Oshkosh student (which includes CAPP students).


Go to this page and click the yellow Students/Faculty button, then sign in with your NetID.


After you log in, follow these instructions:

3: All students: Register for your CAPP course(s)

Use these instructions to help you register: MyUWO Registration Instructions


Click here to go directly to MyUWO, sign in with your NetID, and search “CAPP” on the left hand side:

Helpful Resources

Tuition is currently $100/credit, paid to your high school

UWO Email Account

All students, adjuncts, and designated high school staff have access to a UWO email account. This address is created 24 hours after your UWO ID is generated.


The UWO email server is run through Outlook (Microsoft).

To start, go to the UW Oshkosh homepage (, then look for “Titan Services” on the right end of the dark menu bar.

Hover over Titan Services, then click Office365.

Enter your UWO email address (your NetID username + The page will then reload, then enter your NetID password.


If you have any issues accessing your UW Oshkosh email, please call the Help Desk at 920-424-3020.


Fall 2021 Semester Deadlines

Application deadline July 31, 2021
Registration deadline September 14, 2021
Drop deadline October 14, 2021

Spring 2022 Semester Deadlines

Application deadline December 20, 2021
Registration deadline TBD
Drop deadline TBD
Credit Overload

A credit overload form is required any time a student plans to enroll in over 15 credits in a single semester.


Credit Overload Form Instructions

University policy treats CAPP students as incoming freshman in that they are only allowed to enroll in up to 15 credits in one semester. Both pages of this form must be completed if a student wishes to request enrollment in more than 15 credits.

  • Student completes the form using ACCURATE course information
  • Guidance Counselor approves/signs as Academic Advisor
  • Send/email/fax to CAPP Office (not UARC)
  • CAPP Director makes the final approval

Open the Credit Overload Request Form

**Make sure you provide the correct course information. You may view course information on TitanWeb, or through MyUWO Portal registration site.

FAX: (920) 424-3125

After you are enrolled, check TitanWeb

Your TitanWeb homepage will show your in progress courses, and can be used to confirm your enrollment after registration. Keep in mind that registration does not automatically enroll you. You should check your registration status through CAPP Registration on MyUWO Portal.

You will also use TitanWeb to request your official transcript if needed at the end of the course.

Titan Web home page (log in as “student or faculty member”)

Problems logging in to TitanWeb should be directed to Information Technology – 920-424-3020.

Contact Us

Phone: (920) 424-3003
Fax: (920) 424-3125

UW Oshkosh CAPP

Hours: M–F 7:45 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Nursing/Education room 101

Mailing Address

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI 54901