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The Center for Academic Resources

Fall Semester Hours

Mon-Thurs: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What services are provided at the Center for Academic Resources?

A: The Center for Academic Resources provides free tutoring services for undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. We are funded by Differential Tuition, so students can receive free one-on-one tutoring for many 100 and 200 level and select 300 level courses on campus.

We also provide Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Peer Educator Review Sessions (PERS) programs which consist of regular review sessions for selected 100- and 200-level courses with large enrollments. The SI and PERS leaders help the students review the course materials and share the strategies that they used to be successful in the course so that students can learn more efficiently.

Q: How do I get a tutor?

A: A list of tutors are available under the Current Tutor List on our home page, if the course you are looking for assistance is not listed here please submit a Tutor Request form.

Q: How can I become a tutor?

A: You can stop in to fill out an application during our open hours or fill out our online application at your convenience. Link to application: Tutor Application.

Q: Can anyone become a tutor?

A: To become a tutor at the Center for Academic Resources you must meet several eligibility requirements such as having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, a B+ or higher in the course you would like to tutor, be enrolled in 6 undergraduate credits or 4.5 graduate credits, we must be able to secure a recommendation from the professor who teaches or has taught the course, and there must be a need for a tutor in the course you are interested in tutoring.

Q: How can I become a leader for Supplemental Instruction (SI) or Peer Educator Review Sessions (PERS)?

A: You can stop in to fill out an application during our open hours or fill out our online application at your convenience. Link to application: SI/PERS Leader Application.

Q: Can my tutor meet me in any location for tutoring assistance?

A: No, all tutoring is done in our Center. If there are concerns with available computer software or models needed to review while tutoring that we do not have available please reach out to the staff with your specific concern. Any tutoring done outside of our Center must have Director Approval. (Aural music courses are the exception to this rule.)

Q: I’m taking a UWO class at my high school, can I get a tutor here?

A: No, because our tutors are funded by tuition dollars from students enrolled at UWO we are not authorized to provide tutoring to other sources off campus. Please reach out to other tutors available in your community.

Q: How long does it take to get a tutor?

A: If we have a tutor available for the course you are looking for assistance in you can get their contact information immediately by clicking on Find a Tutor

If we do not have a tutor available for the course you are looking for assistance in please fill out the Tutor Request form and we will begin recruiting for a tutor for the course, or provide you with feedback on what steps we are taking during our current search already in progress for this course, or provide you with alternative assistance if it is provided at another location on campus.

Recruiting for new courses to be tutored can happen within minutes or may take several weeks. Some of our current tutors are able to add additional courses to tutor and are already trained and ready to assist right away. Finding new tutors varies in duration due to number of students that have taken the course and are still on campus, when the course was last offered, students that meet our eligibility requirements, response time to emails from both students and faculty, and students interest and/or availability to be a tutor. Once found the student then may need to complete hiring paperwork (with employment approval required by Human Resources) and four hours of tutor training before they would be available to tutor.

Q: Why is the tutor and SI/PERS information not available until a week before classes start?

We want to be respectful of everyone’s time and needs when utilizing our services. At this time with over 300 tutors on staff and our tutors are responsible for coordinating their tutoring session times with each student who contacts them for assistance into their open availability. Although we appreciate your initiative to plan ahead, we cannot guarantee the response time of any employee outside of this time frame.

With 10-20 SI/PERS leaders each semester we work diligently coordinating the best possible location and times to provide the review sessions to optimize the service available for each course offered. This coordination is completed with other departments, the leaders, and the availability of rooms. We want to take the necessary time to confirm all details before they are posted online to avoid any hassle with changes that may occur before they are confirmed.

Q: Can I be tutored everyday?

A: You can be tutored for a total of 5 hours a week total and for no more than 90 minutes in any one tutoring session.

Q: How do I get to my time sheet?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the university website home page ( click on the Titan Services menu and select My UW System.
  2. Select your organization (University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh)
  3. Enter your NetID and password
  4. If you have one on campus job your time sheet will now be displayed, if you have more than one on campus job select the job title for the time sheet you want to enter hours onto.

Q: How do I get rid of a time sheet error (old fashioned alarm clock )?

A: The same error symbol displays for a few different errors:

  1. Review to make sure you have the correct AM or PM after your time.
  2. If you only have one time entry it needs to be in the first IN box and the last OUT box.
  3. If you had one time entry and now have it filled across the row with two separate times the error will disappear after reporting runs over night.

Center for Academic Resources

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