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Mon-Thurs: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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Fall Tutor List


Follow these steps to find a tutor:

  1. Search by Subject and/or Course # such as BIO, Biology, 105, or Biology 105.
  2. Email the tutor with the course name, the day, and time to be tutored. 
  3. Meet in SSC 102 to sign in and begin tutoring once a time is arranged.

*Please give all tutors 1-2 business days to respond to your email once classes begin. 

Subject & CourseTutor's NameTutor's Email Address
ACCOUNTINGTutored in the College of BusinessCollege of Business Site
ART 105 - Understanding the Arts
Reid MooreMooren69
ART 105Emily MillerMillee01
BIOLOGY 104 - Ecosphere in CrisisXin Ni (Jenni)Nix64
BIOLOGY 104 Karina QuinonesQuinok55
BIOLOGY 105 - Biological Concepts UnityBrandon HuertaHuertb41
BIOLOGY 105 Justin BarounBarouj35
BIOLOGY 105 Meike MessickMessim55
BIOLOGY 105 Victoria SchubertSchubv45
BIOLOGY 105 Tanya HammittHammit53
BIOLOGY 105 Nikki HensleyHensln53
BIOLOGY 105 Nicole MarkofskiMarkon79
BIOLOGY 211 - Human AnatomyMadison WoldtWoldtm52
BIOLOGY 212 - Human Physiology Current tutors fullView SI Schedule
BIOLOGY 230 - Biology of Animals Morgan SwensonSwensm56
BIOLOGY 230 Brandon HuertaHuertb41
BIOLOGY 233 - Microbial SurveyKatelyn WulffWulffk35
CHEMISTRY 101 - General, Organic, and Biochemistry ISmall Groups will begin forming starting 9/10
CHEMISTRY 102 - General, Organic, and Biochemistry IISmall Groups will begin forming starting 9/10
CHEMISTRY 105 - General Chemistry ICurrent tutors fullView SI Schedule
CHEMISTRY 106 - General Chemistry IICurrent tutors fullView SI Schedule
CHEMISTRY 235 - Organic Chemistry IMicaela ArellanoArellm99
CHEMISTRY 235 Emma FenrichFenrie96
COMMUNICATIONSTutored in The Writing CenterWriting Center Site
COMPUTER SCIENCEInformation Systems Tutoring HoursComputer Science Department
CRIMINAL JUSTICE 110 - Introduction to Criminal Justice Process Danielle SawyerSawyed36
CRIMINAL JUSTICE 270 - Introductory Criminal Law Nicole FeltzFeltzn61
CRIMINAL JUSTICE 281 - Elementary Statistics in Criminal JusticeNicole FeltzFeltzn61
ECONOMICSTutored in the College of BusinessCollege of Business Site
FRENCH 110 - Introduction to French IKonrad FondrieFondrs00
FRENCH 110Caleb TurskyTurskc81
FRENCH 110Kylie SweereSweerk34
FRENCH 110Tori BrowyBrowyv04
FRENCH 111 - Introduction to French IITori BrowyBrowyv04
FRENCH 111Caleb TurskyTurskc81
FRENCH 111Konrad FondrieFondrs00
FRENCH 203 - Intermediate Structure and Expression ITori BrowyBrowyv04
FRENCH 203Caleb TurskyTurskc81
FRENCH 203Konrad FondrieFondrs00
FRENCH 204 - Intermediate Structure and Expression Caleb TurskyTurskc81
FRENCH 204Tori BrowyBrowyv04
FRENCH 204Konrad FondrieFondrs00
GEOGRAPHY 102 - World Regional Geography Haakon WagnerWagneh17
GEOGRAPHY 102 Xin Ni (Jenni)Nix64
GEOGRAPHY 107Q1 - Peoples, Places, & Cultures of the WorldHaakon WagnerWagneh17
GEOGRAPHY 121 - Physical Geography I - Weather and Climate Sam DivitaDivits04
GEOGRAPHY 121Derek MooreMoored35
GEOLOGY 102 - Physical Geology Kyle GretzGretzk83
GEOLOGY 109 - Evolution of the EarthyKyle GretzGretzk83
GEOLOGY 109Daniel MakowskyMakowd72
GEOLOGY 150 - Environmental GeologyJack PogalzPogalj36
GERMAN 110 - Introduction to German I
GERMAN 110Madi HassHassm31
GERMAN 110Elijah SchmidtSchmie31
GERMAN 203 - Intermediate Structure and Expression I
GERMAN 203Elijah SchmidtSchmie31
GERMAN 203Madi HassHassm31
GERMAN 204 - Intermediate Structure and Expression II
GERMAN 204Elijah SchmidtSchmie31
GERMAN 204Madi HassHassm31
HISTORY 101 - Early Civilizations (Jakobs)Sydney DevittDevits77
HISTORY 110 - Topics in the History of Modern CivilizationsSydney DevittDevits77
HISTORY 202 - Modern United States History Since 1877Emily MillerMillee01
HISTORY 210 - Topics in the Modern History of the United StatesEmma FenrichFenrie96
INTERNATIONAL 205 - Contemporary International IssuesCaleb TurskyTurskc81
JAPANESE 110 - Introduction to Japanese IYuichiro NagaiNagaiy90
JAPANESE 210 - Introduction to Japanese IIIYuichiro NagaiNagaiy90
JAPANESE 211 - Intermediate Japanese I Yuichiro NagaiNagaiy90
KINESIOLOGY 170 - Medical Terminology Ellie MavraganisMavrae76
KINESIOLOGY 170Kaitlyn BurnsBurnsk12
KINESIOLOGY 170Justin BarounBarouj35
KINESIOLOGY 171 - Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment of Athletic Injuries Ellie MavraganisMavrae76
KINESIOLOGY 171Justin BarounBarouj35
KINESIOLOGY 173 - Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology Kaitlyn BurnsBurnsk12
KINESIOLOGY 173Ellie MavraganisMavrae76
MATH 100 - Elementary Algebra ITutored in the Developmental Math LabDevelopmental Math Lab
MATH 101 - Elementary Algebra IITutored in the Developmental Math LabDevelopmental Math Lab
MATH 103 - Intermediate AlgebraHolly WerginWergih27
MATH 103Stephanie GebhardGebhas77
MATH 103Nick SevenzSevenn41
MATH 103Autumn DunsmoreDunsma02
MATH 103Derek MooreMoored35
MATH 103Nikki HensleyHensln53
MATH 103Felicity KloidaKloidf57
MATH 104 - College AlgebraEmily DauerDauere39
MATH 104Holly WerginWergih27
MATH 104Stephanie GebhardGebhas77
MATH 104Nikki HenselyHensln53
MATH 104Alex LatimerLatima86
MATH 104Jacob ArnoArnoj62
MATH 104Sydney DevittDevits77
MATH 106 - TrigonometryStephanie GebhardGebhas77
MATH 109 - Elementary StatisticsSean ConwayConwas01
MATH 110 - Number Systems Tori BrowyBrowyv04
MATH 110Emilie KamphuisKamphe78
MATH 110Stephanie GebhardGebhas77
MATH 171 - Calculus IMegan RoseRosem59
MATH 171Stephanie GebhardGebhas77
MATH 171Kyle GretzGretzk83
MATH 171Xin Ni (Jenni)Nix64
MATH 171Nick SevenzSevenn41
MATH 171Justin BarounBarouj35
MATH 172 - Calculus IIMegan RoseRosem59
MATH 172Morgan HachHachm03
MATH 172Stephanie GebhardGebhas77
MATH 201 - Applied StatisticsMorgan SwensonSwensm56
MATH 201Erica SchwartzSchwae33
MATH 201Sean ConwayConwas01
MATH 204 - Finite Math for BusinessDerek MooreMoored35
MATH 204Danielle RamseyRamsed61
MATH 204Angel CamachoCamaca72
MATH 204 Autumn DunsmoreDunsma02
MATH 206 - Applied Calculus for BusinessAutumn DunsmoreDunsma02
MATH 206 Derek MooreMoored35
MATH 211 - Fundamentals of Geometry and Measurement for Elementary and Special Education ProgramsTori BrowyBrowyv04
MATH 211 Emilie KamphuisKamphe78
MATH 217 - Data Exploration and Analysis Emilie KamphuisKamphe78
NURSING 314 - Nursing: Adult Health II SI AvailableView SI Schedule
PHILOSOPHY 104 - Ethics Madi HassHassm31
PHILOSOPHY 104Erica SchwartzSchwae33
PHILOSOPHY 120Q1 - Philosophy of Human Nature Madi HassHassm31
POLITICAL SCIENCE 101 - Introduction to Comparative PoliticsSydney DevittDevits77
POLITICAL SCIENCE 105 - American Government and PoliticsHaakon WagnerWagneh17
POLITICAL SCIENCE 115 - International PoliticsSydney DevittDevits77
POLITICAL SCIENCE 115 Haakon WagnerWagneh17
PSYCHOLOGY 101 - General PsychologyKylie MoeMoek36
PSYCHOLOGY 101Baylee TkaczukTkaczb33
PSYCHOLOGY 101Sydney DevittDevits77
PSYCHOLOGY 123 - 101C Psychology Orientation Maddy ReedReedm59
PSYCHOLOGY 123Danielle SawyerSawyed36
PSYCHOLOGY 203 - Elementary Psychological StatisticsSean ConwayConwas01
PSYCHOLOGY 275 - Research Methods Sean ConwayConwas01
PSYCHOLOGY 275Katie HodgesHodgek92
SOCIOLOGY 101 - Introductory SociologyEmily MillerMillee01
SPANISH 110 - Introduction to Spanish IRachel BradleyBradlr19
SPANISH 110Karina QuinonesQuinok55
SPANISH 110Angel CamachoCamaca72
SPANISH 110Erica SchwartzSchwae33
SPANISH 111 - Introduction to Spanish IIRachel BradleyBradlr19
SPANISH 111 Erica SchwartzSchwae33
SPANISH 111 Angel CamachoCamaca72
SPANISH 203 - Intermediate Structure and Expression IErica SchwartzSchwae33
SPANISH 203 Micaela ArellanoArellm99
SPANISH 203 Angel CamachoCamaca72
SPANISH 203 Jessica DybulDybulj64
SPANISH 203Rachel BradleyBradlr19
SPANISH 204 - Intermediate Structure and Expression IIAngel CamachoCamaca72
SPANISH 204 Erica SchwartzSchwae33
SPANISH 204Jessica DybulDybulj64
SPANISH 204Rachel BradleyBradlr19
WG STDS 201 - Introduction to Women's and Gender StudiesReid MooreMooren69

Note: If a tutor is not available for a supported course, please use this form to request one. Tutoring for the following areas is provided by their respective departments: Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Economics, Geology, and Information Systems. Due to budget changes no 300 level courses will have tutoring in CAR.













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