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Fall Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am-8:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tutoring is available in-person and online.

SI will be offered in-person.

Fall Tutor List

CAR will offer in-person and online tutoring during the fall semester. Our tutor table displays whether each tutor is available to meet online, in-person, or both.

How to find a tutor:

  • In-person tutoring sessions are to be conducted in the Center for Academic Resources, which is located in the Student Success Center Suite 102. Online tutoring is offered through Zoom. In order to receive online tutoring, you must have access to a device with a minimum of audio capability. If you have any questions, your tutor will be able to provide instructions on how to use Zoom. If you are not logged in to your online session at the start time, your tutor will wait for ten minutes. After this, your session is cancelled. Please contact your tutor immediately if you are having trouble connecting to the online session.
  • Tutoring services are available for students enrolled on any UWO campus. Please make sure to reference your specific tutor list for your respective campus.
  • Use the table below to search for a tutor in the class you are looking for assistance in using the course name and number.
  • Because our tutors set their own hours, it is recommended to email multiple tutors at a time with a list of the days and times you are available.
  • Please allow tutors 48 hours to respond. Tutors will respond and let you know if their availability does or does not match yours. If you have not heard back from a tutor within that time, please try another tutor or contact CAR for assistance.

Sample Email to Tutor:

Subject: Chemistry 105 Tutoring Session


My name is Joe, and I am looking for a Chemistry 105 tutor. I am available Mondays from 2-6PM and Thursdays from 10AM-4PM. Please let me know when you would be available to meet with me.

Subject & CourseTutor's NameTutor's Email Address ( Availability:
ACADEMIC RESOURCES TUTORINGTutors will provide guidance and information regarding UWO systems and programs like Canvas, Titan Web, etc. They will also assist with organizing and prioritizing coursework for in-person or online classes.
Academic Resources TutorCydnie Babiczbabicc40Online / In-Person
Academic Resources TutorTaylor Knausknaust39In-Person Only
Academic Resources TutorLauren Burdburdl13Online / In-Person
ACCOUNTINGAvailable through the College of Business. Please contact their department for hours. Accounting Department
BIOLOGY 105 - Biological Concepts Unity
BIOLOGY 105Harlei Moskalmoskah66In-Person Only
BIOLOGY 105Sydney Wolfgramwolfgs38In-Person Only
BIOLOGY 105Holly Trzaskotrzash48Online Only
BIOLOGY 105Cameron Trichelltrichc53Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 105Carlie Wilsonwilsoc34Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 105Kate Nottolinottok58Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 105Rachel Blatzblatzr67Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 211 - Human Anatomy
BIOLOGY 211Kylie Sturmsturmk44In-Person Only
BIOLOGY 211Hannah Stittstitth11Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 211Aminah Diagnediagna19Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 211Sydney Wolfgramwolfgs38In-Person Only
BIOLOGY 211Mariah Linselinsem15Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 211Cydnie Babiczbabicc40Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 211Ashlyn Bowmanbowmaa95Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 211Allison Jauquetjauqua84Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 211Hallie Lefeberlefebh07Online Only
BIOLOGY 212 - Human Physiology
BIOLOGY 212Keegan Kobolickobolk79Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 212Ashlyn Bowmanbowmaa95Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 212Grace Mooremooreg73Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 212Makenna Muellermuellm21Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 212Mariah Linselinsem15Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 231 - Biology of Plants and Microbes
BIOLOGY 231Mackenzie Seymourseymom53Online Only
BIOLOGY 233 - Microbial Survey
BIOLOGY 233Amber VanLandghenvanlaa52Online / In-Person
BIOLOGY 233Alyssa Levinelevina50Online Only
BIOLOGY 233Kylie Sturmsturmk44In-Person Only
CHEMISTRY 101 - General, Organic, and Biochemistry ISmall Groups only
CHEMISTRY 102 - General, Organic, and Biochemistry IISmall Groups only
CHEMISTRY 105 - General Chemistry I
CHEMISTRY 105Gracie Buchingerbuchig64Online / In-Person
CHEMISTRY 105Maddie Hansonhansom42Online / In-Person
CHEMISTRY 105Joey Rufflorufflj10Online / In-Person
CHEMISTRY 105Peyton Maskemaskep15Online / In-Person
CHEMISTRY 105Isabella Bryckibrycki96Online / In-Person
CHEMISTRY 105Christina Trzaskotrzasc58Online Only
CHEMISTRY 105Ellison Nabinabie80In-Person Only
CHEMISTRY 105Rachel Blatzblatzr67In-Person Only
CHEMISTRY 106 - General Chemistry II
CHEMISTRY 106Kaylyn Hellenbrandhellek64Online / In-Person
CHEMISTRY 106Peyton Maskemaskep15Online / In-Person
CHEMISTRY 106Ellison Nabinabie80In-Person Only
CHEMISTRY 235 - Organic Chemistry I
CHEMISTRY 235Sam Stilpstilps29Online / In-Person
CHEMISTRY 235Rachel Blatzblatzr67In-Person Only
COMMUNICATIONSTutored in The Writing Center
Computer ScienceCoordinated by the Computer Science Department. Please refer to their department for hours.
ECONOMICSCoordinated by the College of Business. Please contact their department tutors Joey Reddin and Brennan Hoem.reddij54
GEOGRAPHY 102 - World Regional Geography
GEOGRAPHY 102Evan Petriepetrie51Online / In-Person
GEOGRAPHY 102Jacob DeZeeuwdezeej19Online / In-Person
GEOGRAPHY 121 - Physical Geography I - Weather and Climate
GEOGRAPHY 121Jessica Mysliwskimyslij26Online / In-Person
GEOGRAPHY 121Jacob DeZeeuwdezeej19Online / In-Person
GEOGRAPHY 221 - Physical Geography II - Landforms and Soils
GEOGRAPHY 221Jacob DeZeeuwdezeej19Online / In-Person
GERMAN 110 - Introductory German I
GERMAN 110Christina Trzaskotrzasc58Online Only
GERMAN 111 - Introductory German II
GERMAN 111Christina Trzaskotrzasc58Online Only
GERMAN 203 - Intermediate Structure and Expression I
GERMAN 203Christina Trzaskotrzasc58Online Only
GERMAN 204 - Intermediate Structure and Expression II
GERMAN 204Christina Trzaskotrzasc58Online Only
Japanese 110 - Introduction to Japanese I
JAPANESE 110Raiden Monteromonter60Online / In-Person
JAPANESE 111 - Introduction to Japanese II
JAPANESE 111Raiden Monteromonter60Online / In-Person
JAPANESE 210 - Introduction to Japanese III
JAPANESE 210Raiden Monteromonter60Online / In-Person
JAPANESE 211- Intermediate Japanese I
JAPANESE 211Raiden Monteromonter60Online / In-Person
KINESIOLOGY 173 - Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology
KINESIOLOGY 173Brittany Adelmundadelmb17Online / In-Person
MATH 100 - Elementary Algebra ITutored in the Developmental Math Lab. Please refer to their department for hours. Developmental Math Lab
MATH 101 - Elementary Algebra IITutored in the Developmental Math Lab. Please refer to their department for hours. Developmental Math Lab
MATH 103 - Intermediate Algebra
MATH 103Jiwon Leeleej99Online / In-Person
MATH 103Taeyeon Kimkimt24Online / In-Person
MATH 103Joe Pollaripollaj86Online / In-Person
MATH 104 - College Algebra
MATH 104Cyrus Latzalatzac19Online / In-Person
MATH 104Joey Rufflorufflj10Online / In-Person
MATH 104Jiwon Leeleej99Online / In-Person
MATH 104Taeyeon Kimkimt24Online / In-Person
MATH 104Joe Pollaripollaj86Online / In-Person
MATH 106 - Trigonometry
MATH 106Taeyeon Kimkimt24Online / In-Person
MATH 106Jiwon Leeleej99Online / In-Person
MATH 110 - Number Systems
MATH 110Brianne Katsmakatsmb11Online / In-Person
MATH 110Joe Pollaripollaj86Online / In-Person
MATH 171 - Calculus I
MATH 171Hannah Cederholmcederh83Online / In-Person
MATH 171Gracie Buchingerbuchig64Online / In-Person
MATH 171David Xiongxiongd54In-Person Only
MATH 171Zack Loveiskyloveiz57Online / In-Person
MATH 171Joe Pollaripollaj86Online / In-Person
MATH 171Matt Frischfriscm84Online / In-Person
MATH 172 - Calculus II
MATH 172Zack Loveiskyloveiz57Online / In-Person
MATH 172Matt Frischfriscm84Online / In-Person
MATH 172Joe Pollaripollaj86Online / In-Person
MATH 189
MATH 189Becky Schmidtschmib98In-Person Only
MATH 189Taylor Knausknaust39In-Person Only
MATH 189Ashley Plagemanplagea63Online Only
MATH 201 - Applied Statistics
MATH 201Harleigh Plachetkaplachh41Online / In-Person
MATH 222 - Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
MATH 222Joe Pollaripollaj86Online / In-Person
MATH 256 - Introduction to Linear Mathematics
MATH 256Joe Pollaripollaj86Online / In-Person
MATH 273 - Calculus III
MATH 273Joe Pollaripollaj86Online / In-Person
PHYSICS Drop-in tutoring offered online for 171 and 191 through the Physics Dept.
PHYSICS/ASTRONOMY 103 - The Solar System
PHYSICS/ASTRONOMY 103Kate Nottolinottok58Online / In-Person
PHYSICS 171 - General Physics I
PHYSICS 171Matt Frischfriscm84Online / In-Person
PHYSICS 191 - General Physics I
PHYSICS 191Matt Frischfriscm84Online / In-Person
PSYCHOLOGY 101 - General Psychology
PSYCHOLOGY 101Peyton Maskemaskep15Online / In-Person
PSYCHOLOGY 101Lauren Burdburdl13Online / In-Person
PSYCHOLOGY 123 - Psychology Orientation
PSYCHOLOGY 123Lauren Burdburdl13Online / In-Person
PSYCHOLOGY 203 - Elementary Psychological Statistics
PSYCHOLOGY 203Makennah Vandeheyvandem59Online / In-Person
PSYCHOLOGY 203Sylvia Petersonpeters35Online / In-Person
PSYCHOLOGY 275 - Research Methods
PSYCHOLOGY 275Sylvia Petersonpeters35Online / In-Person
PSYCHOLOGY 275Lauren Burdburdl13Online / In-Person
PSYCHOLOGY 383 - Biological Psychology
PSYCHOLOGY 383Sylvia Petersonpeters35Online / In-Person
SPANISH 110 - Introduction to Spanish I
SPANISH 110Autumn McCartymccara22Online / In-Person
SPANISH 110Allyssa Reevesreevea18Online / In-Person
SPANISH 110Bailey Krausekrausb69Online / In-Person
SPANISH 110Austin Estesestesa91Online Only
SPANISH 111 - Introduction to Spanish II
SPANISH 111Autumn McCartymccara22Online / In-Person
SPANISH 111Allyssa Reevesreevea18Online / In-Person
SPANISH 111Austin Estesestesa91Online Only
SPANISH 111Bailey Krausekrausb69Online / In-Person
SPANISH 203 - Intermediate Structure and Expression I
SPANISH 203Autumn McCartymccara22Online / In-Person
SPANISH 203Allyssa Reevesreevea18Online / In-Person
SPANISH 203Austin Estesestesa91Online Only
SPANISH 203Bailey Krausekrausb69Online / In-Person
SPANISH 204 - Intermediate Structure and Expression II
SPANISH 204Autumn McCartymccara22Online / In-Person
SPANISH 204Allyssa Reevesreevea18Online / In-Person
SPANISH 204Austin Estesestesa91Online Only
SPANISH 204Bailey Krausekrausb69Online / In-Person
SPANISH 312 - Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPANISH 312Allyssa Reevesreevea18Online / In-Person
SPANISH 312Bailey Krausekrausb69Online / In-Person
SPANISH 312Austin Estesestesa91Online Only