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Where will your efforts lead you?

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There are a variety of resources that can be useful in helping you to reach your academic goals.


These include:

  • Campus Resources (CAR, Writing Center, Reading and Study Skills Center, Developmental Math Lab, Polk Library Services, etc.)
  • Mobile apps for your phone and/or other electronic devices
  • Goal planning and time management strategies
  • Using a variety of study strategies

"Smart Students Take Full Advantage of Campus Resources"

One thing many college students never discover over their two or four years in college, are the impressive resources available on campus for preparing them for a career, for learning effective writing and studying skills, for health, physical, emotional and mental and for student activities.

Wait, what? Can this be true?

According to author Patricia Gorden Neill, it is. To learn more about some of the resources she identified as underutilized, click on the link below.

Article Link

To help you begin finding and utilizing different resources, we have provided some options for you to explore that may prove helpful. Select an image below to learn more about some of the resources available. 

Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Study Strategies & Tips

Study Strategies & Tips

Goal Setting & Time Management

Goal Setting & Time Management


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