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The Center for Academic Resources

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader


About the Position

  • Leaders must attend all lecture classes of the SI course.
  • Model effective classroom behavior, demonstrating effective study skills such as attentiveness and note-taking.
  • Maintain a professional attitude about class standards, grades, and student complaints.
  • Help students learn independently instead of completing assignments for them.
  • Discourage attending SI as a substitute for attending class.
  • Prepare handouts that will assist students in learning course material.
  • Maintain accurate SI session attendance records.
  • Utilize a variety of SI methods during sessions and provide feedback about sessions to the Learning Assistance Coordinator.
  • Attend pre-semester training as well as weekly meetings with Learning Assistance Coordinator.
  • Compensation for position is $10/hour (8-10 hours per week average).


All applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • B+ or higher grade earned in the SI course
  • Enrolled in minimum of 6 undergraduate or 4.5 graduate credits
  • Recommendation from the professor who teaches the course

How to Apply

You will need to complete and submit the SI Leader Application below to be considered for employment.

SI Leader Application



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