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Are you trying to make decisions about what to major in or what career options you want to pursue?

UW Oshkosh uses a collaborative approach in helping students make these decisions.

Three campus offices partner in assisting you in making the decisions that best fit your goals, values, and dreams.

Not sure where to start? 

Have no idea what you want to major in? 

Have a few majors in mind, just not sure which to choose? 

Have a ton of ideas and can’t seem to narrow it down? 

Want to know what’s required for a particular major? 

Want to know how long it will take to complete a particular major? 

Can’t think of any major or career you’d like or be good at?

Have trouble making decisions in general? 

Want to learn more about your personality and interests in depth? 

Have trouble committing?

Want to take career and/or personality assessments?

Having trouble processing family/friends opinions about your choice?

Have a major in mind, but not sure about career options?

Want to get connected with people working in fields of interest to learn more?

Want to get experience in your field of interest?

Want to find someone working in a career of interest to talk to for an informational interview?

Want to find someone working in a career of interest to job shadow?