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Student Success Stories

On a regular basis, Career Services aims to share some of our student successes in a variety of experiences.

We celebrate the success of our current students who:

  • are completing/have completed internship
  • completed one of our professional skills courses
  • made successful networking connections through our Career Services events
  • and so much more.
Shannon Gaffney

Shannon Gaffney – Student Success Story

Written by: Maggie Smith

Shannon Gaffney photoPlease congratulate Shannon Gaffney as Career Services next student success story! Shannon is a Senior from Sun Prairie, WI who is majoring in Public Relations. Public Relations is a unique field in that it is very versatile, including aspects of journalism, communications, advertising, marketing, and even event planning. This versatility is what attracted Shannon to the major and made her switch from HR to PR so late in the game her junior year!

Oshkosh Corp logo

After attending the Career Fair her sophomore year, Shannon made great connections which allowed her to obtain a ‘Global Strategy and Marketing’ internship position with Oshkosh Corp. On a daily basis, she manages social media, implements photo shoots, creates press kits, does market research, and many more activities. After getting her first taste of Public Relations, Shannon fell in love with her major and can’t imagine doing anything else.

After having so much success after the Career Fair and currently in her internship, Shannon’s advice is, “Don’t be afraid to take risks and shoot for opportunities that may seem outside your comfort or experience level”.

You never know what could happen!

If you’d like to practice your networking skills in hopes of success like Shannon, please consider attending the Career and Internship Fair May 1, from 11:30-2:00. See you there!

Career and Internship Fair image

Check out the more than 40+ companies and organizations who will be attending the fair here! This fair is a “come as you are” fair and while professional dress is encouraged it is not expected. Stop by between classes and start making connections now for full-time, career ready jobs and internships!

Meghan Lamers

Student Success Story – Meghan Lamers

Written by: Maggie Smith

Meghan Lamers PhotoCareer Services is proud to present Meghan Lamers, Junior and Accounting and Finance major as yet another student success story from UWO. She loves the technical aspect of her majors, working with numbers, and being a part of the corporate community. When she’s not crunching numbers, Meghan loves to run, spend time with friends and family, and read.

Schenck Logo

Through her outstanding networking and communication skills, she has obtained two internships for 2018. This Spring, Meghan is taking classes along with her part time internship with Schenck, SC as a Tax Intern.

Kohler - Logo


Over the summer, she will intern at Kohler Co. full-time in an Accounting and Finance intern position. She secured both internships through events at Career Services like Dining with Professionals, Hire a Titan!, and resume reviews for her business classes.  


Her advice to all students pursuing internships is, “start going to events and being involved in organizations as soon as you can” Meghan said. “You never know where those relationships you make will take you in the future”. She also mentioned the importance of checking Handshake regularly, along with emails sent out by Career Services with companies in the area that are hiring.

After graduation Meghan plans to get her CPA License and work for an accounting company where she hopes to grow with them and contribute to their vision.

Great job, Meghan and good luck!

If you would like to connect with your assigned career advisor for help on your resume or learning about current internship opportunities, call Career Services at 920-424-2181 or stop in to schedule an appointment today.

Andrew Gawronski

Student Success Story – Andrew Gawronski

Written by: Hollyann Schultz


Career Services is proud to present another University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Student Success Story. Andrew is a 20-year-old Criminal Justice and Anthropology major from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys playing Andrew Gaworski photobaseball, football, and basketball, and if he isn’t working out, he says he is most likely watching Netflix.

Andrew originally applied to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse but decided to go with the Oshkosh University and after three years at our campus says, “I know this was the right choice, because I love it here.” Andrew chose to original just major in criminal justice as it allowed him to either attend law school or work in law enforcement after graduation. He later on chose to double major in Anthropology due to the influence he saw that the subject had in almost every field. He said he saw an opportunity when he noticed he already had credits in Anthropology from earlier in his college career and was on track to graduate early, so he knew that adding a second major would not set him back. After graduation, Andrew says he plans to either attend the University of Wisconsin Law School or apply for the police academy, the FBI, or the CIA.

While Andrew does not have an internship this semester, he has one lined up for this coming summer working with a police department. Andrew was able to find this internship opportunity by taking advantage of Career Services by meeting with his career advisor in order to check his resume and get help in searching for an internship. Andrew’s advice to other students looking for internship is to, “Broaden your horizons as internships are beneficial regardless of the field. Simply having the connections you make and the experience you get at your internship will help you tremendously down the road.”

If you would like to connect with your assigned career advisor for help on your resume or learning about current internship opportunities, call Career Services at 920-424-2181 to schedule an appointment today!

Sara Nuemann - Student Success Story

Sara Neumann – Student Success Story

Written by: Hollyann Schultz Career Services is proud to present Sara Neumann as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Sara, born and raised in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is a 24-year-old, who loves to explore new places and cities. Sara recently graduated Sara Neumann Head shot imagelast May from the University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a minor in Theatre Arts because she had a passion for performing and being involved with theatre since high school and loved the wonderful staff in the music department here on campus. She went on to note, “Our professors in the music department are some of the most talented musicians I have ever worked with, and it was an honor to work with them all every day.” Later in life, Sara hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, specifically in the performing arts. For the past six months, Sara has been interning with the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida through the Disney College Program. The internship is a 4 to 10-month work internship offered by Walt Disney World that provides students across the country and around the world with opportunities to create magic for guests and to network with leaders throughout the company. During her internship, Sara has been placed at The Haunted Mansion attraction, which is a fan favorite at Disney’s most iconic park, The Magic Kingdom. A typical work day for her is a 6 to 12-hour shift as she runs the attraction and interacts with guests throughout the day. Sara stated, “It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to make magic for guests and to see kids get excited to be at Walt Disney World.” Sara noted that the most beneficial part of her internship is the networking opportunities that are presented to her, “I have been fortunate enough to meet with several different managers and company leaders from different departments throughout the Walt Disney World Resort over the past few months, and will be able to continue networking throughout the rest of my Sara Nuemann photointernship.” Sara advises other students who are looking for an internship to, “apply for anything and everything that interests you.” She went on to say, “Even if you don’t think you are fully qualified for the position, still apply for it because they might see something in your application that grabs their attention regardless.” In the current future, Sara plans to finish up her internship at The Haunted Mansion and then move into a full-time position in either guest relations or park operations at Walt Disney World. The Disney College Program application is now open through mid March. If you are interested in learning more about the Disney College Program visit UW Oshkosh students who participate in the Disney College Program may be eligible for academic internship credits. Speak to the Disney College Program Campus Rep. Chrissy Lambie in Career Services if you have questions. Call Career Services to schedule an appointment at 920.424.2181.

Alex Weiland - Student Success Story

Alex Weiland: Student Success Story

Written by: Taylor Dagon

UW Oshkosh is proud to introduce Alex Weiland, another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. When asked how she would describe herself Alex said that she is adventurous, loves to try new things, and is always up for a new challenge.Alex Weiland Photo

Alex is majoring in Informational Systems with a double emphasis in web and mobile development and web presence management. As described on the UWO website, informational systems is “an integrated set of components for collecting, storing, processing data, information, knowledge and digital products. Businesses rely on information systems to manage their operations, interact with customers, suppliers and compete in the marketplace.” Alex will be graduating with a bachelor of business administration (BBA) in May of 2019.

Last spring Alex attended the Career Fair on the Fox. Before attending she looked up all the companies that were going to be there and made a list of the ones she wanted to talk to. She researched each of the companies so she had some talking points to discuss with recruiters and employers at the Career Fair. At the Career Fair she met recruiters from Plexus. Plexus is a electronic manufacturing and engineering company. This led to an internship with Plexus. In May 2017 she started her job as a marketing intern for Plexus and is still there. During her internship Plexus was going through a rebranding process, so Alex was able to be a part of the team who worked on this and see the decisions behind the changing of company colors, marketing materials, the company website along with everything else that goes into a huge corporation rebrand. A big part of Alex’s internship was converting Powerpoint presentations from the old brand to the new. She also communicated with engineers from around the world on the rebranding. Her favorite part of her internship is the people she works with. She said they are all super friendly and very welcoming.

Alex’s biggest recommendation for students is to do your research and be open minded to new opportunities that come your way. She never thought she would be interning for a manufacturing company in marketing and loving it as much as she does. Alex’s love of taking on challenges and new adventures has helped her gain an awesome internship as well has expanding her network of contacts.  

Save the date to attend the Spring 2018 Career Fair on the Fox!

Patrick Naleway

Patrick Naleway – Student Success Story

Written by: Hollyann Schultz

Career Services is proud to present Patrick Naleway as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Patrick is a 23-year-old accounting major from Vernon Hills, Illinois. He chose this university because he had decided to go out of state in order to be on his own and experience life. Oshkosh, Wisconsin seemed like the natural choice after he fell in love with the atmosphere and the accounting program offered here on campus. In between going to classes, studying, and Patrick Naleway photoworking, he enjoys cooking, working out, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends. After he graduates, he hopes to move to Milwaukee and become a certified public accountant. He also wants to further his education by earning his master’s degree and possibly even one day a Ph.D. in accounting.

Although he currently does not have an internship, Patrick is in the process of applying and interviewing for accounting internships. In the past he was able to gain experience by working at the University Bookstore as a student accountant allowing him to apply the skills that he had learned in class to the real world.

Because he has been actively looking for an internship, Patrick has recently taken advantage of the opportunities offered by Career Services, which he claims, “is an awesome resource.” He was able to connect with Career Service’s staff member, Chelsey Cegielski, who he notes put a lot of time into helping him elevate his resume and cover letter. He went on to say, “I am very thankful for everything she did. She really helped open a lot of doors.” He also was able to participate in the College to Career Conference this past fall which he expected to not enjoy due to his fear of being forced into new social situations. Despite being pushed out of his comfort zone, Patrick said he took away skills learned from the informative sessions, networked with a few employers about accounting internships, and overall had a good time.

Patrick advises other students to actively look for internships. Even though it may seem like it is a long and hard process, and sometimes things may not go the way you initially expected. He went on to add, “Always use Career Services. They want to help you succeed and will put their full effort into doing everything they can to help you get what you need.”

If you’d like to connect with your assigned career advisor for help, call Career Services at 920-424-2181 to schedule an appointment today!


Kylie Bennett - Student Success Story

Student Success Story – Kylie Bennett

Written by: Chance Smith


Career Services is proud to present Kylie Bennett as a UW Oshkosh Student Success Story. Kylie is a fifth year senior majoring Kylie Bennett imagein Accounting and Finance with a minor in Spanish. Three words Kylie would use to describe herself are driven, focused, and independent.

Kylie grew up in New London, Wisconsin, and spent a lot of time volunteering during her junior and senior years of high school at an after school program for elementary students. “I really enjoyed this ‘Walk Alongside’ program, as it allowed me to give back to my community,” she said, “specifically to my very own kindergarten teacher and her students.”

She chose UW Oshkosh and the business program after learning the accreditation of the program in contrast to other schools in the area. Kylie also loves that it’s close to home, making weekend visits all the easier. Originally, she intended to only be a Finance major, but after taking an introductory accounting course found she enjoyed the work and declared a second major.

Since sophomore year, Kylie has used her networking skills to secure three internships with different companies, including Northwestern Mutual, Kimberly Clark, and Baker Tilly and exposing her to multiple facets of accounting and finance. After proving her skills and knowledge, Kylie is excited to accept a job at Baker Tilly as their Staff Accountant after graduation! As Staff Accountant, Kylie will mostly be doing tax work for both businesses and individuals.

Northwestern Mutual LogoBaker Tilly logo


Kylie said she appreciates the work Career Services does to connect students with employers, be it through networking events or on-campus interviews. “Allowing employers to come to campus to meet students is extremely beneficial,” Kylie said.

Congratulations Kylie! Good luck with your last stretch of school and with your professional career beyond!

If you’d like to learn more about internship opportunities like the ones Kylie had, visit Handshake and search the jobs tab or check out the campus interviews for upcoming interview opportunities.

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Kelsey Clark - Student Success Story

Kelsey Clark – Student Success Story

Written By: Taylor Dagon

Kelsey Clark image

UW Oshkosh is proud to present Kelsey Clark as another University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Success Story. Kelsey is a senior majoring in Human Services with a bachelor of science degree who will be graduating this December. When asked to describe herself, Kelsey said that she is an outgoing person that loves to take on challenges. In her free time Kelsey loves to hang out with her family, play sports and be active, as well as give back to the community by volunteering at places like food pantries. Kelsey decided to become a Human Services major because her passion is giving back and helping people. She also loves how broad the field of  Human Services is, especially because she was unsure of what she wanted to do but knew she wanted to help people as part of her career.


This summer Kelsey was an intern with Schneider in Green Bay. Schneider is a trucking service that handles transportation and logistics across the United States. Kelsey’s title was driver recruiter intern. Kelsey knew she wanted an internship or job but did not know what she wanted to do. So she started researching and talking to her friends and family about what she should do and different possibilities for a summer internship. She knew some people who worked for Schneider and knew they loved their jobs and the company. So she went out on the website and saw they had an internship program and decided to just go for it and apply. Kelsey received a call from the company and went through several levels of interviews to get the internship. Kelsey worked 40 hours a week all summer. She loved her internship! When her internship ended in August, Schneider offered her a part-time intern position during the school year. Kelsey’s favorite part of her internship is the fact that she gets to help people find jobs. This internship has made her realize that she wants to be some type of recruiter and career development specialist for a company. Kelsey never thought she would get to work for a company where she felt like she was a part of a family, but with Schneider she found that.

Schneider Logo

Kelsey’s biggest recommendation to students would be to keep an open mind and see what’s out there. Figure out what you are passionate about and research what internships or job opportunities allow you to fulfill that passion. She recommends using all the resources campus has to offer like the Career Closet, Handshake, job fairs and other networking events offered.