Student Ventures

View the student companies that have participated in the CEI’s annual accelerator programs.

Cohort VIII | 2021

Flora Fruit Company

A healthy food subscription service focused on making it easier to get more fruits into Americans diets and households, by providing high quality assorted fruit boxes and delivering them to customers doorsteps.

* 2021 Summer Incubator Participant

Creating Successful Parents

An online platform aimed at making parenting information more accurate and more accessible. CSP believes that when parents are more equipped with high-quality information that it leads to a happier & healthier child, and family as a whole.

North Coast Gear Company

An emerging outdoor gear brand focused on the development of sustainable, durable, and innovative products. The company’s first product is a desiccant-driven dehumidifier that provides safe, portable, and effective dehumidification for adventurers.

* 2021 Summer Incubator Participant

Rice Time

A mobile restaurant chain that serves fried rice. Rice Time’s wide variety of selections are quick, affordable, healthy, and delicious!

Lucid Creators

A service-based company that creates virtual training modules, scenarios and tours using virtual reality and Internet of Things. The main goal of Lucid Creators is to bring in innovation to the daily activities people do.

My Future Sales

A smart demand forecasting service based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. This helps to save wastage, improve cash flow and streamline logistics.

Beedazzled Honey Co.

A local artisanal honey business focused on making a difference in bee conservation efforts.

Cohort VII | 2020

TapTech Systems

An interactive, automated beer tap system with RFID technology that allows users to browse, select, and pour their own beverages without a bartender.


A mobile app that allows for users to get notifications on executive orders as they are signed, engage with other users, and contact congressional representatives.

Good Art For Good

Handcrafted ceramic artwork that benefits the local community, as a generous portion of each sale is donated to local organizations.

Protect Your Privacy

A privacy consulting firm with an objective to spread awareness of privacy concerns and surveillance findings, as well as to fight corruption.

Divine Beauty

Provides trendy beauty services that include eyelash extensions and freelance makeup for weddings, senior pictures and other special events.

A gift “search engine” that searches millions of different websites to identify the hottest selling items to help you find the perfect gift for any situation.

Cohort VI | 2019

Hive Central

Hive Central was founded by three UWO students through a unique partnership with WiSys. The Bee Shield™ will help tackle bee mortality rates during the winter.

Pack-its Products

The Trinko brothers invented Pack-its as a convenient, cheap and portable diaper disposal solution for parents.


A one of a kind meditation center that breaks down the stigmas within the field of meditation and exercises the mind. REWIRE also offers corporate mindfulness.


Sydetasker is a platform for trusted individuals to be able to make an extra side income, while helping their surrounding community.

Wright Bike Co

An electric bike with superior battery design for those that want to travel faster, more conveniently, and at an affordable price. 

Cohort V | 2018

Celebrate Neurodiversity

An Autism child care center in Menasha founded on inclusive principles featuring an educational model that is self-guided and strength-based.


A web and mobile platform created to connect in-home care providers with customers for a flexible, more accessible, experience.

Pura Vita Aquaponics

Combining conventional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment to create space to grow food year-round.

Reinvent Ferment

Started by Karen and Eric Riggers in 2018, Reinvent Ferment was born from a dream to connect you with the unique flavors and health potential of living, fermented foods.

Wildin' Clothing Co

Founded on the belief that clothing should not cause harm. Each collection donates ten percent of net profits to the animal or cause it represents.

Cohort IV | 2017

Finger Tip Information

A personalized medical reference system (e.g. clinical information, patient education, and/or community resources) built by you and for you.

In Our Hands

A mobile applications designed to encourage users to track legislation and engage directly with local legislators.


The app that combines users’ favorite social media sites into one app now allows parents to limit the time their children spend online.

Sikora Prime

Sikora Prime Painting is a leader in the industry and has revolutionized how paint is applied, combining new construction and re-paint techniques. SikoraPrimePainting

Upright Kids

Upright kids has a mission to put affordable standing desks into every single K-8 classroom and get millions of kids up on their feet. 

uRide Rentals

uRide is an online peer-2-peer rental platform that enables groups and individuals access to personal watercraft and off-road vehicles.

Cohort III | 2016

Anchor Shock

Anchoring is now easier than ever with the Anchor Shock. Made in the USA, Anchor Shock uses heavy duty, marine-grade shock cord to reduce tension on your anchor and boat. 

Circle of Life Aquaponics

Circle of Life Aquaponics produces year round safe, locally grown and organic produce using a closed aquaponics water system.

Golf Shots

Golf Shots is the world’s first golf ball shaped shot glass designed to look almost identical to a normal golf ball. Golfers can now save money and take their favorite drink from home, onto the course.


Khaos-Kon is a hobby convention for the gaming community to come together and play all tabletop games regardless of their skill level.

Kids Run Wild

Kids Run Wild is a platform to help kids achieve grade-level running goals. Kids can run with parents, mentors, or teachers to qualify to join the running club.

K-Nicole Beauty

The K-Nicole Beauty Box offers quality beauty products for women on-the-go shipped directly to their doorstep. 


Founded in 2012 by Marc Busko, the Chief Passionate Officer is helping students discover and pursue their passions in their lives and learn more about entrepreneurship and small business. 


Rebuild Community Health and Wellness focuses on veterans and the community. Their philosophy combats veteran suicide by encompassing physical therapy and cognitive therapy classes, along with exercise and fitness modalities.

Cohort II | 2015

Fifth Ward Brewing Company

Fifth Ward Brewing Company is a micro brewery that loves exploring the boundaries of tradition and style. Tradition guides the process of designing new recipes, as new techniques and new ingredients are applied.

Health Snaps

Health Snaps gives health-care providers the ability to create and send HIPAA-compliant video messages and educational video content to patients. 


InstaInsure is a web-based platform that enables consumers to purchase insurance at the point of sale. By allowing consumers to purchase insurance at the point of sale, InstaInsure increases the number of policies sold to the benefit of consumers, retailers, and insurance providers.

KTB Disc Jockey

KTB Disc Jockey is a company founded in 2010 that provides professional and quality DJ services to the public for all to enjoy.

Kyle Johnson Aerial Photography

Johnson Aerial Photography is comprised of aerial photography and videography of private and public properties. Kyle uses a drone to do complete his work.

Metis Web Consulting

A web consulting company dedicated to helping small businesses build websites and utilize social media to increase market share. 


ReSkinz is a mobile app re-skinning company that recreates popular gaming apps by changing the graphics, sounds, and themes. 


Sizzle is a mobile nightlife application that allows users to find the “hottest” bars, clubs, and parties in their area.

Spring Waters Online Sanctuary

Provides info concerning lifelong wellness, news/ research tools, and a web-based sanctuary for you to achieve balance of mind, body and spirit; maintaining health and vitality across the lifespan.

Cohort I | 2014

Billboard Brew

Billboard Brew helps local companies engage with their target customers through coffee sleeves provided for free to local coffee shops and gas stations. 

Brag Fitness

Brag Fitness offers instructional do-it-yourself videos and automatic text messages that send clients motivating messages to help keep them on track.

Neighborhood Designs

A web design firm targeted specifically for small business and startups, who offer inexpensive designs by utilizing industry specific “themes” rather than traditional coding. 

Ma Schierl's Gourmet Tarter Sauce

Ma Schierl’s Gourmet Tartar Sauce is a delicious sauce is made without pickles and even has a kiss of vermouth. Enjoy it with fish, crackers, chips or veggies.

Mission Move

Change the pace of your average school day with active breaks. Mission Move provides educationally aligned exercise videos for the classroom.

Mobile Detailers

The Mobile Detailers brings the “car wash” to customers and offer cleaning and detailing services to large business parking lots. 

Safeguard Income Strategies

Safeguard Income Strategies helps retirees gain complete certainty in their retirement.


A student initiative that hosts sober house parties on weekends for students. After success with the Party.0 at UWO, Jake White has brought the opportunity to other universities across the US.

ProShot Baskebtall

A patent pending band helping players master fundamentals of basketball (dribbling, passing, and shooting) on a consistent basis. 

Wicked Web Wizardry

A company specializing in web application development with a focus on Chartalog a revolutionary tool that allows users to display data in a visually appealing way.