Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation compliments any major program at the university by providing a pathway to pursue the study of entrepreneurship and innovation in a cross disciplinary approach – empowering students to think innovatively, in their pursuit of knowledge.

The program requires a total of nine credits composed of three classes, including MHR 373 Entrepreneurship. The certificate will appear on your transcript.

Official Title: Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Prerequisites: Department Consent
Eligibility: Open to any student outside of the College of Business interested in understanding the process, network, and resources necessary to develop their own startup venture. Students from the Oshkosh, Fox Valley, and Fond du Lac campuses are eligible to enroll.

Any student interested in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation should bring an add/drop card to Colleen Merrill, Executive Director of the Alta Resources Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Colleen Merrill, Executive Director
Dan Brosman, Director
  Sage Hall, Room 1614
(920) 424-1826
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