CHEM 495: Chemistry Research Internship

Students are expected to find their own internships, but are encouraged to seek advice from chemistry faculty before doing so. 

Description: An off-campus research experience in an industrial/academic/governmental laboratory under the joint supervision of the department and participating agency. 3 hours per week for 14 weeks is worth 1 credit.

Prerequisite: Application and admission into the program six months prior to starting the internship. Normally, course work through Chemistry 371 must be completed prior to the internship. (0+3 to 18) (Summer, if available)

Expectations for Supervisors: Before receiving Departmental approval for this course, the chair of the Department of Chemistry will discuss the position with the student and with the student’s supervisor. Together they will create and sign a document providing the following information about the internship.

• What chemistry-related skills and knowledge will be used in the internship?
Some examples of skills that might be used in an internship are keeping a lab notebook, consulting Safety Data Sheets, or calculating yields. A description of the Department’s Goals for Chemistry Majors, listing chemistry-related skills and knowledge on which we assess our students, can be found on our website.

What evaluations of the intern’s work will the supervisor share with the Department?
These could be standard company forms or responses specifically for our Department.

What type of final report will the intern present to the Department?
This could be a written report describing the student’s scientific experiences; an oral report given to a small group at the company or at a conference; or another format that respects any confidentiality concerns of the company.

To Apply: If you have found an internship and would like to register for credit:

  1. Share the expectations with your supervisor.
  2. Fill out the internship course application listed below.

Chem 495 internship application

form for student wanting to earn credit for an internship




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Department Assistants for Halsey Science areas can be found in HS 127 or HS 142.

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