Sheri Lense, PhD

Associate Professor
Inorganic Chemistry

Courses Taught:

Fall 2013 CHEM 470, Inorganic Chemistry

Spring 2014 CHEM 360, Special Topics in Chemistry

Research Interests: Bio-Inspired Multifunctional Catalysts for Sustainable Energy Storage

In order to fully utilize sustainable energy from sources such as the sun and wind, we need a means to store and transport this energy.  One place to store sustainable energy is in the chemical bonds of sustainable fuels.  For example, energy can be stored in hydrogen, and released upon oxidation of hydrogen to water.  My research focuses on the development of unique methods for controlling substrate delivery to catalysts for sustainable fuel generation.  The first project seeks to develop catalysts to recycle CO2 to sustainable fuels, through the use of ambiphilic ligands to facilitate binding and activation of CO2.  In the second project, we will develop bio-inspired complexes that can undergo multi-electron transformations, which can potentially aid in the design of catalysts that can catalyze multi-electron reductions, such as reduction of nitrogen to ammonia.

Curriculum vitae