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Hours and Location
Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-6 p.m.
UW Oshkosh Lincoln Hall
608 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh,WI 54901-8632

Contact Us
Phone: (920) 424-0260

Susan Finkel-Hoffman, Director

Roberta Dorgan, Assistant Director and Early Childhood Music Specialist

Julie Dey, Administrative Assistant

Fines and Discharges


The Children’s Center reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of fees
  • Not completing and returning required forms
  • Irresponsibility in adhering to your scheduled times
  • Mutual agreement between Center director and parent based on inability to meet child’s needs — physical or developmental (including behavioral)

Procedure for mutual agreement discharge

The Center director sets a meeting with parents/guardians, contacts them verbally and follows up in writing

  • Contents of meeting documents in writing placed in child’s folder
  • The Center director will refer the parents/guardians and child to appropriate outside resources if necessary
  • Center staff will work cooperatively on an ongoing basis with the parents/guardians and child and an outside agency if necessary
  • Regular meetings with parents and staff will be scheduled throughout the process
  • Our appeals committee will deal with a discharge if necessary; all possible alternatives will be explored


Late Pickup Fine – Picking up your child any time after Center closing time (6 p.m.) will result in the assessment of a $10 fine, which will be added to your bill.

Insufficient Funds Checks Fine – A $20 fine by the University Cashier’s office will be issued if there are insufficient funds for checks and electronic fund payments.

Scan-In/Out Fine – Failure to scan your child in and/out each day will result in the assessment of a $5 fine, which will be added to your bill. One warning will be allowed per family before assessing the fine.

Can’t Find Fine – In the case of illness or emergency involving a child when the parent cannot be located within 15 minutes due to insufficient location information on your enrollment form or the location sign-in sheet, a $10 fine will be added to your bill.