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Professional Development Portfolio

Portfolios are required for students who completed Bus 240/284 (Professional Skills in Business) prior to Fall 2016 or transfer a class in an equivalent. The portfolio items below are completed through a course on the learning management system. Students should meet with their academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC) to apply for admission to the College of Business. At that time, students will receive additional information about the portfolio.

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s College of Business prepares its students not only for success within the classroom, but most importantly, success upon graduation. As the only business school in the region with an internship requirement, our students obtain the real-world experience needed by today’s employers. Undergraduate students also participate in College to Career Conference, a unique opportunity that brings students and employers together to socialize and learn about potential employment opportunities.

UW Oshkosh’s Career and Professional Development office helps to further prepare students with opportunities to receive resume assistance, participate in mock interviews and connect with internships and jobs upon graduation.

Below are the five standards of professional development that students must complete in order to be fully admitted to the College of Business.

Standard 1: Self Awareness

Be self-aware and confident in your interests and abilities. Know how this relates to your majors of interest before making a final choice when admitting to the College of Business.

Applicable College Learning Goal:

Business Skills, Interpersonal Skills – Students will gain a greater understanding of themselves and their strengths and how they relate to working with others and in their chosen work environment.

Activities to Complete this Standard:
Take Personal Globe Inventory through WISCareers and review the Interest Profile, Explore Occupations, and Full Report tabs. The registration code for UW Oshkosh students is osh-c427. Find it at

Standard 2: Market Awareness

Be aware of the market and how your chosen major fits within the realistic scope of employment.

Applicable College Learning Goal:

Business Environment – Through occupation research, students will have a greater understanding of opportunities and issues facing their chosen occupation.

Business Skills, Analytical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills – Students will have the opportunity to gather data and organize it for analysis.

Activities to Complete this Standard:

Use Occupational Outlook Handbook to explore what you can do with majors of interest. Find this resource at

Verification Tools:

Create and submit a summary of an occupation which includes:

  •  Fields within occupation (nature of work)
  •  Educational requirements
  • 10 year growth projection
  • Median Salary

The summary should be in bullet point format and in your own words. Do not copy and paste directly from the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Standard 3: Professional Connections

Be aware of the culture of business and trends in employment.

Applicable College Learning Goal:

Business Knowledge – Students will gain more information regarding their specific functional area as well as business relations as a whole.

Business Environment – Students have the opportunity to hear speakers and interact with organizations and understand issues facing the business world.

Activities to Complete this Standard:

  • Attend at least 1 UW Oshkosh Career or Internship Fair
  • Attend at least 3 business student club meetings or other approved College of Business development sessions.

To verify club attendance, print off the Club Attendance Verification Form below. When the form is completed, scan the form and add the electronic version to your Professional Development Portfolio. Be sure to follow the directions on the form correctly.

Club Verification Form 

Standard 4: Communication Skills

Display professional communication skills.

Applicable College Learning Goal:

Business Skills, Communication Skills- Students have the opportunity to display professional written communication skills.

Activity to Complete this Standard:

Create an essay reflective in nature based off the following prompt:

Describe the admissions activities you took part in while preparing for College of Business Admissions which were most valuable to you. Discuss what major you choose to pursue and why you want to pursue that major. Finally, discuss two action steps you plan on initiating once admitted to the College of Business.

The essay should be professional, including correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and approximately 500 words. 

Standard 5: Technology Literacy

Display the ability to follow instructions and the ability to use current technology.

Applicable College Learning Goal:

Business Skills & Communication Skills – Students have the opportunity to display their instruction-following and technology skills.

Activity to Complete this Standard:

Create a professional business resume and LinkedIn profile.