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Minors at the UW Oshkosh College of Business

Students can choose from eight minors. COB Minor Planning Sheet – Fall 2019


Analytics Minor 21 credits Recommended for students who want exposure to various data analytics courses with a focus on statistical modeling, domain-specific analytics, data engineering, data management and machine learning techniques


Business (non-business majors only)

Recommended for students who wish to combine a basic business curriculum with an academic major in another college. See the business minor planning sheet for prerequisites and restrictions on upper-level courses.


Business Economics
Open to all non-business and non-economics majors

This minor better equips students of social sciences, physical sciences and humanities for a competitive job market.  Students will improve their problem-solving, critical thinking and quantitative analysis skills, while gaining knowledge about interesting and salient economic topics.

Learn more by visiting the Economics Department website 

Global Business

This minor is only available to students with a major in the College of Business. Not available to students with an international management emphasis. See the BBA planning sheet for prerequisites and restrictions on upper-level courses.

Learn more on the Management and Human Resources Department website 

Information Systems

It is increasingly important for students with any major to have significant IT skills. The IS minor allows any student to obtain these skills by taking courses that are part of the core of the Information Systems curriculum. Our industry partners have consistently advocated for both more people with IT skills to fill IT jobs but also that it is necessary to have deep IT skills for anyone to work effectively in a range of jobs and industries.

Learn more by visiting the Information Systems Department website 

Insurance and Risk Management
Open to all majors.

The Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Insurance Program develops students for careers in risk management and insurance.  Coursework focuses on insurance, risk management and financial planning. This is a professional development program to prepare students for careers in the insurance industry.

Learn more by visiting the Finance Department website 

Operations Research

Recommended for students who wish to combine a computer science or mathematics major with a quantitative business minor or for business students who want an applications-oriented mathematics minor. See the Business Minor planning sheet for prerequisites and restrictions on upper-level courses.

Learn more by visiting the Supply Chain Management Department website 


Risk Management and Actuarial Science Minor

Open to all students. Students will gain an understanding and training in the fields of Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science.

Sustainability Management

NOTE:  The pre-requisite to upper-level business courses in this minor is 60 credits earned, 2.5 combined gpa, and there is a limit of 6 credits of upper-level business courses per semester.

The minor in sustainable management aims to give you (in your life as citizens, consumers, future managers and leaders) an understanding of the holistic and systemic aspects of environmental, social and economic issues (the Triple Bottom Line or TBL).  We will also provide you with concrete elements of management intended to develop and spread innovative, ambitious and realistic strategies within organizations while utilizing whatever your major course of study is.

The main objectives of the minor are:

  • to develop the understanding of the economic, environmental and social issues;
  • to contribute to understanding the issues of sustainable development for the strategic development of a company;
  • to provide appropriate understanding of the tools necessary for the development of a strategy of sustainable development and of its daily implementation within the company;
  • to underline the progress made and opportunities that exist in terms of environmental, social innovation and clean technologies;
  • to stimulate student’s critical thinking about their role as individuals, consumers and future managers in the context of sustainable development

The competitive differentiator of this minor is the fact that it is offered to any major on campus-you do not have to be a business major to take it.  This will enable students from letters and sciences, nursing, education and human services to supplement their major with a program designed to give them a marketplace view of sustainable practice.  The applied nature of the coursework will arm these students with the capability to recognize and tackle the difficult problems facing us in the 21st century and to take active roles in transforming their organizations.

Learn more by visiting the Center for Sustain Enterprise website