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Office of the Dean
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Monday-Friday: 7:45am–4:30pm

Internship Drop-in Hours Spring 2023
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College of Business Outstanding Alumni Award

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Business recognizes exceptional alumni who have excelled in their field and given back to their community through the Outstanding Alumni Award.

To Nominate a Deserving Graduate

Pay tribute to former classmates or notable friends who you commend for reaching and exceeding their career goals by submitting a nomination form.

College of Business Outstanding Alumni Recipients

2022 – Anthony E. Snyder
2013 – Jef Koga
2013 – Tim Greinert
2012 – Tod Teske
2011 – Diane Roundy
2011 – Russ Weyes
2009 – Thomas G. Belot
2009 – Rebecca A. Nash
2008 – Gordon Meicher
2008 – Thomas Guyette
2007 – Tere E. Dhein
2007 – Robert W. Golz
2006 – Thomas Kell
2006 – Jamie Pollard
2005 – Darin L. Kath
2005 – Terri Todhunter
2004 – William (Bill) Raaths
2004 – Karla E. Blair
2004 – Janette Fennell
2004 – Tim Newman
2003 – Thomas J. Gross
2003 – Kenneth C. Neyhards
2002 – Martin Crneckiy
2001 – Michael J. Mach
2000 – John M. Wollner
2000 – Roger D. Cross
1999 – James W. Freer
1999 – Diane L. Ford
1999 – Peter Emer
1997 – Michael P. Dempsey
1996 – Linda L. Bartelt
1995 – Michael Krentz
1995 – John W. Leffin
1994 – Valeria Nevitt Pfieffer
1994 – Tim Nevmann
1993 – James Flood
1993 – Crag D. Wegener
1993 – Gary Stephani
1992 – David L. Omachinski
1992 – John Gilbert
1992 – Stephen Mosliny
1991 – Janette Fennell
1991 – Craig D. Wegener
1991 – David Olson
1991 – Tim Newman
1987 – Tim Newman
Craig D. Wegener

UW Oshkosh Awards and Recognition

UW Oshkosh recognizes extraordinary alumni each year. More information about the UW Oshkosh Distinguished Alumni Award, Outstanding Young Alumni Award, and Alumni Outstanding Service Award can be found here.

For more information about recent award recipients, check out UW Oshkosh Today alumni stories.

CBAA Scholarship

CBAA Scholarship Criteria

CBAA Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must be full-time undergraduate students admitted in good standing to the College of Business with a declared major(s) in business.

Applicants must be a student at UW Oshkosh the fall semester of the year they receive the scholarship.

Applicant must show evidence of extracurricular activities (either work-related or part of volunteer experience with a student club or other organization) which contribute to the student developing leadership skills, oral and written communication skills, teamwork abilities, interpersonal skills and technical and computer-related skills.

Applicants must possess good leadership skills and other attributes important for business success.

Applicants must possess the minimum GPA to be accepted in good standing into the College of Business.

The Award

The scholarship will be held at the Cashier’s Office for payment against the recipient’s fall tuition expenses.

The dollar amount of the scholarship will be a minimum of $750. The CBAA board of directors can determine to give more than one award if the principle of the fund warrants this.

This scholarship is an annual award and is not intended to be renewable for the recipient.

The recipient is presented with a certificate at the UW Oshkosh Honors and Awards Ceremony in the spring of each year by a CBAA board member.

CBAA Scholarship Recipients

College of Business Alumni Association (CBAA) Scholarship Recipients

2019 Allison Raddant, Accounting, Economics and Finance
2019 Drew Krepline, Economics and Finance

2018 Luiz Gustavo Caputo Spim, Finance and Management
2018 Jacob Hoffman, Information Systems

2017 Katrina Schiedemeyer, Supply Chain
2017 Kaitlyn Peksa, Human Resources

2016 Matthew Arend, Accounting and Information Systems

2015 Hillary Johnson, Human Resources
2015 Jubilee Krump, Accounting and Finance

2014 Kristin Kozlovsky, Accounting and Finance

2013 Robert Bellile, Accounting and Finance
2013 Maggie Nett, Marketing

2012 Jonathan Dudzinski, Accounting and Finance
2012 Michelle Farr, Human Resources

2011 Ann Duginske, Marketing

2010 Marian Rothkegel, Supply Chain and Operations Management
2010 Kyle Ackeret, Human Resources

2009 LeNee Xiong, Human Resource Management
2009 Austin Volden, Accounting and Economics

2008 Jennifer Blohm, Accounting
2008 Ashley Schroeder, Human Resource Management

2007 Kelly Maly, Marketing

2006 Eric Stetler, Accounting, Finance and Economics

2005 Zachary Stockero, Accounting and MIS

2004 Cliff Moll, Finance

2003 Dep Bui, MIS,
2003 Hoang Tran, MIS

2002 Luke Strand, Human Resource Management

2001 Heidi L. Reinke, Marketing

2000 F. Justin Briski, Operations Management

1999 Carrie Anderson, Marketing

1998 Brett Davis, Marketing

1997 Seth A. Smith, Accounting and Finance