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College of Business Centers and Institutes

Alta Resources Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Alta Resources Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation was created to help service a growing entrepreneurial environment in the most unlikely of places. Originating from very “grass-roots” and humble beginnings, the Alta Resources CEI has grown to an entity recognized across the region and globally for its entrepreneurial programming, businesses launched, and seven-figure funding from local supporters.

The purpose of the Alta Resources CEI is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, foster entrepreneurial thinking, and assist students and faculty in developing their ideas into successful businesses.

Center for Sustainable Enterprise

The Center for Sustainable Enterprise (CSE) facilitates sustainable practices for new and existing organizations. By working with CSE, you can transform and energize your organization through UW Oshkosh sustainability-focused applied research and programs.

Small Business Development Center

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is staffed by experienced business professionals who provide free management counseling services for companies with up to 500 employees. They also have experience in helping both start-up and existing businesses secure financing.

Wisconsin Family Business Forum

The WI Family Business Forum is an organization founded in 1996 that exists for the sole purpose of fostering healthy family businesses. WFBF is a partnership of family businesses (including owners, family members and non-family employees), professional service organizations, and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, College of Business. We come together as partners, business owners, family members, non-family employees, business professionals and academics to explore the challenges and rewards of family enterprise and to grow in knowledge, skills, and experience. The WI Family Business Forum offers educational programs, networking opportunities and information sharing through workshops, seminars, and peer groups discussions.

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