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Finance and Business Law Department
Room: Sage Hall 1462
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Finance Programs

Insurance and Risk Management Program

The Insurance and Risk Management Program develops students for careers in insurance and risk management. The program is guided by an advisory board of insurance executives. It also provides annual scholarships and grants to attract future insurance leaders and offers internship opportunities. This is a professional development program to prepare students for careers in the insurance industry.

For program highlights, course planning sheet, advisory board companies, and more, please visit the Insurance and Risk Management web site.

Elite Student Opportunities

Student Managed Endowment Fund (SMEF) Program

Students are chosen through application to this upper-level class – Finance 438 – a class with hands-on experience in fund management. Many opportunities are offered to students in this class. Learn more about the Student Managed Endowment Fund Program.

Investment Research Challenge

The CFA Institute Investment Research Challenge offers students the unique opportunity to learn from leading industry experts and compete with peers from the world’s top finance programs. Together society leaders and local universities assemble university teams of 3-5 students each. Teams are mentored by industry professionals in writing an equity research report on a publicly traded company. The teams present their findings to a distinguished Panel of experts. In 2015, our team competed against graduate students from UW Madison, who won. Finishing just behind UW Madison’s team of graduate students deserves recognition! Congratulations to Dr. Cliff Moll and the 2015 team!

Financial Executive Institute (FEI)

There are two chapters in Wisconsin, Northeast and Milwaukee, that provide FEI International scholarships. In 2015, Joseph Mann was named the outstanding senior majoring in finance by the Milwaukee Chapter of the FEI and Kristin Kozlovsky is the recipient of the 2015 FEI Milwaukee Chapter’s Roger Buchholz Memorial Scholarship Award, an extremely competitive award for finance majors in the state of Wisconsin. The local chapters also recognize outstanding seniors.

We Need Your Help

You can see from the various opportunities presented on this page, our students have continually been very competitive. To remain competitive and to grow, we need your help.  In Sage Hall, we have a premier Trading Room used solely for the purpose of the Student-Managed Endowment Fund program. We have secured a majority of the funding but are still in need of approximately $80,000 to fully equip the lab, which includes FactSet (database).

Any contribution you make will help us acquire this database for our students. Another option is to contribute to the SMEF account that the students actively manage. Please consider making a generous donation to either SMEF (Student Development/Trading Room needs) or the SMEF Investment Account (for fund management by the students).

Please visit the online giving form to make a donation.

Financial Executives Institute (FEI) Outstanding Seniors

The Financial Executives Institute has recognized outstanding seniors at UW Oshkosh since 1977. The award recipients are listed below.

2016 – Joshua Preiss
2015 – Joseph Mann
2014 – Robert Bellile
2013 – Mayur Ranpara
2012 – Jonathan Dudzinski
2011 – Zachary Mersberger
2010 – Michael Londre
2009 – Kimberly Knaus
2008 – Eric Stetler
2007 – Elizabeth Koller
2006 – Adam Bremberger
2005 – Dawn Kissinger
2004 – Melissa Pezzuto
2003 – Lisa Beahm
2002 – Kent Stauffacher
2001 – Ryan J. Goerlitz
2000 – Jessica McCartney
1999 – Amy L. Mielke
1998 – Michelle S. Basten
1997 – Patricia A. Paulsen
1996 – Joanne Kundinger
1995 – Shawn Van Sluys
1994 – Jonathan Miles
1993 – Peggy Hintze
1992 – Scott J. Wolfe
1991 – Carolyn E. Miller
1990 – Kristine M. Haag
1989 – Penny C. Kottke
1988 – Kathy L. Vanden Boom
1987 – Peggy E. Longmeyer
1986 – Steven S. Bartelt
1985 – Amy B. Jeske
1984 – Richard Weister
1983 – Kathleen V. Hynes
1982 – Linda A. Stanke
1981 – Colleen M. Hughes
1980 – Ruth A. Williams
1979 – Ralph J. Stanelle
1978 – Dreux Ste. Marie
1977 – Robert W. Golz