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Finance and Business Law Department
Room: Sage Hall 1462
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Finance Major

Download the Finance Major Planning Sheet.

A degree in finance provides you with knowledge to deliver strong investment, finance planning and real estate decisions. The finance major is recommended for students who are interested in a career in financial management and for students interested in career positions with firms that provide financial services such as banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, personal financial planning services and real estate firms. Private businesses, not-for-profit organizations and government organizations also need financial managers and analysts to help efficiently raise, allocate and manage their resources.


Achievements and Distinctions

  • Our value to students and the business community is reflected in finance faculty certifications and nationally recognized research.
  • Substantial national media coverage for Dr. Scott Beyer’s co-authored paper, “Gridlock’s Gone, Now What?”
  • Fully-managed undergraduate Student Managed Endowment Fund program, located in a dedicated Trading Room.
  • Two of the six CFA-designated faculty in Wisconsin from UW Oshkosh
  • Two of seven faculty with professional designation in finance

Career Opportunities

  • Corporate Finance: analyst, capital budgeting manager, financial planning manager, tax analyst, credit manager
  • Financial Institutions: bank loan/credit analyst, mortgage analyst, bank branch manager, trust officer, corporate lender, investment banker, financial risk manager
  • Investment: stock broker, financial planner, security analyst, portfolio manager, mutual fund manager, director of investor relations
  • Risk Management: life, health, property or casualty insurance agent, claims adjuster, insurance underwriter, risk manager/self insurance, employee benefits sales representative, insurance portfolio manager
  • Real Estate: commercial/residential real estate agent, property manager for a mall/industrial park, mortgage underwriter, mortgage analyst, urban planning