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Information Systems Course Descriptions

INFO SYS 201: Intro to Business Application Development - 3 cr.

This course is designed for students interested in developing applications in the web, mobile and desktop environments and provides the necessary foundational programming knowledge using the C# (C sharp) programming language. The course also introduces students to the graphical user interface options available in the Microsoft.Net (Dot Net) environment. The concepts covered include event-driven programming, arrays, collections, introduction to data maintenance using files and databases and program design for maintainability. The course work involves significant hands-on work in the Visual Studio environment. Students are expected to have the ability to think logically.

Prerequisite: MATH 204.

BUS 311: Essentials of Information Systems - 3 cr.

This course covers essential business aspects of information systems such as networks, databases, the Internet, management reporting, software development, computer hardware and information ethics. The course also examines the use of information systems for managerial decision-making and for gaining strategic advantage. Students will have hands-on experience developing data base systems and with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Prerequisites: 44 credits completed and cumulative GPA of 2.4 or better; or admission to the College of Business.

INFO SYS 314: Systems Analysis and Design - 3 cr.

This course is a study of the process of developing information systems. Students will learn requirements specifications, systems modeling and systems design techniques in the Systems Development Life Cycle. Object-oriented approaches and techniques include UML will be emphasized. Structured approaches and techniques such as Data Flow Diagrams will also be introduced. A major component of the course is the analysis and design of a business system as a term project.

Prerequisites: BUS 311 or concurrent enrollment.

INFO SYS 315: Database Systems in Business - 3 cr.

This course is a study of database systems in the context of their use in business to support information systems and decision-making. The course places special emphasis on data access using SQL and includes application development using a commercial database management system such as Oracle and SQL Server. Other topics include database concepts, data modeling, database design and development, administration of database systems and technologies.

Prerequisites: BUS 311 with a (C) or better or COMP SCI 271 with a (C) or better.

INFO SYS 318: Agile Application Development - 3 cr.

Using agile management technologies, students learn to build simple web apps using C#. As an intermediate programming class, the focus is on high-level object oriented concepts, as well as taking advantage of ASP.Net class libraries to design, build and test web systems.

Prerequisites: INFO SYS 201 with a (C) or COMP SCI 221 with a (C) or better, and BUS 311 (concurrent). 

INFO SYS 445: Intro to Enterprise Resource Planning Systems - 3 cr.

Through hands-on-interaction with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, case studies and guest speakers, students will understand the software selection process, business process impacts, ERP benefits and total costs of ownership for selecting and implementing an ERP system. In addition, students will use the system to gain a basic understanding of key ERP modules.

Prerequisite:  BUS 311 with a (C) or better.

COMP SCI 347: Intro to Usability

This course presents the basic theory and professional views on design and usability, with an emphasis on human-computer interaction in web-based environments. The nature of life in general requires an understanding of how people think and act. What makes a well-designed door versus a poorly designed door? Understanding the answer scientifically is based on understanding people and usability, not the mechanics of doors. This class will focus on several basic principles that range from defining usability, design, sketches and how to evaluate usability. A case study will be conducted using high-level psychology and visual perception concepts that often pertain to usability.

Prerequisites: COMP SCI 142 or COMP SCI 221, and MATH 201 or MATH 301 or ECON 210 or PSYCH 203, and junior standing.

INFO SYS 316: Network and Data Communication - 3 cr.

As companies increasingly rely on their data networks for essential communication both internally and externally, understanding and managing those networks and other IT infrastructure elements becomes essential for both IS professionals as well as managers in general. This course introduces students to professional and modern data communication technologies. We study all aspects of data communication through lecture, discussion, presentations and hands-on activities. Includes coverage of TCP/IP, the OSI model, Ethernet, wireless networks, the Internet, network topology, common networking services (email, web, ftp, etc.), as well as emerging technologies. Data security plays a prominent role in the course. Through this course, students will gain knowledge and skills needed to understand, design, manage and specify corporate networking solutions.

Prerequisites: BUS 311 with a (C) or better, or COMP SCI 271 with a (C) or better.

INFO SYS 481: Project Management - 3 cr.

This course develops student knowledge and skills in project management as defined by the Project Management Institutes (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). In addition to discussion of project management principles, the course also provides the students with an environment in which they apply these project management skills.

Prerequisite: Accepted in College of Business and completed four of six Business Essentials courses.

INFO SYS 432: Agile Web Design and Development - 3 cr.

Learn to create exciting web 2.0 apps that can be turned into businesses. In this class you will study advanced web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, database programming, XML, web services and ASP.Net to help you create advanced and interactive websites using modern, agile project management techniques, you will work on a project with a small group of fellow students to create your own website that has the potential to be turned into the foundation for the real business.

Prerequisites: INFO SYS 315 or COMP SCI 361 and INFO SYS 318 or COMP SCI 262.

INFO SYS 446: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Configuration and Implementation - 3 cr.

An overview of the technical aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. Topics include analysis tools for business process reengineering, ERP project management tools and strategies, technical elements of ERP systems and essentials of ERP programming languages.

Prerequisite: INFO SYS 455.

INFO SYS 433: Mobile Application Development - 3 cr.

Learn to create and sell mobile applications for smartphones! In this class you will learn to design the user interface; use the phone’s location (GPS), camera, communication and other sensors; create and access the phone’s data storage and build intelligence into the app to create fun and useful applications. This class requires programming skills.

Prerequisite: INFO SYS 315 or COMP SCI 361 and INFO SYS 318 or COMP SCI 262.

BUS 417: Information Systems Strategy and Management - 3 cr.

This course is the capstone course for the IS major. The focus of the course is all aspects of management in the IS function including IS strategy, information resource management, IS service management, investment evaluation and personnel management. As a capstone, a major component is the analysis, design and implementation of a real-world project using proper project management techniques.

Prerequisites: Admit to COB, Senior Standing, last semester of enrollment, complete or concurrent of BUS 442 or BUS 492 and have submitted a graduation application.