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UW Oshkosh Information Systems Department
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Information Systems Club

“As our world changes from an Industrial-based society to an Information-based society, Information Technology plays a crucial role in successful organizations. Information Systems help businesses compete in a global environment by helping management utilize the power of technology to make decisions and run business operations efficiently. With the exponential growth in Information Technology, increased demand for information and communications, and global impact of the Internet; Information Systems have become the cornerstone of business.”  ~Dr. Michael Eierman

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Programming Myths

  • All programming requires advanced math skills

Not true!  In fact most programmers will only need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  Programming demands the use of logic more than anything.  When I say logic, I really mean the use of logical operators like: “IF”, “THEN”, “ELSE”, “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT.”

  • Learning multiple programming languages is as difficult as learning multiple foreign languages

Not true Once you learn how to program in two or three programming languages, you can pick up other programming languages very quickly.  For many modern programming languages, the syntax is very similar to one another.

  • I don’t have to know how to program because I don’t want to become a programmer

Not true Even if you don’t want to become a programmer, you will likely be working with them at some point.  In order for you to work with programmers, it is important to understand the nature of programming and the setbacks that can occur.  Estimating time and resources is a big part of any job.  Estimates in the computer realm are notorious for being completely off target because simple tasks that sound easy in thought and on paper can suffer days, months, and even years of setbacks.