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Whether you choose to pursue the MBA-Professional or the MBA-Executive, you’ll receive a world-class education. View the table below to see a brief comparison of the two options, or visit the MBA-Executive and MBA-Professional pages for additional information.


Program Comparison

Program DetailsMBA - ProfessionalMBA - Executive
Classes meetWeekday evenings (M-Th) or OnlineSaturdays
Classes beginSpring, Summer, Fall Spring & Fall
Program completion 3.5-4 yrs on average, depending on number of classes taken per semester16 months
Class size15-30 students in eachExpect maximum of 16 per cohort
FormatIndividual 7- to 14-week courses Cohort (lockstep)
CurriculumManagement, Functional & Elective courses Leadership, Business Strategy
Credits36 36
Location(s)Appleton, Oshkosh, Online Appleton
International study requirementNot required, but the option is availableYes

Program Application Process and Admissions Criteria

Program DetailsMBA - ProfessionalMBA - Executive
Professional experience required2 yearsDemonstrated ability to contribute to cohort (typically 8+ years)
Application essayYesYes
RecommendationNo letters are requiredLetters are recommended
Foundation Courses (Prerequisites)Not requiredNot required
GMAT/GRE requirementYes (limited waivers possible)Generally Waived Based on Professional Experience
Application guideline(s)April 1: Summer semester
June 1: Fall semester
Nov. 1: Spring semester
Accepting applications year-round

Master of Business Administration

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