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Parking permits are required if you are attending class at the UW Oshkosh home campus or visiting someone on campus. As an added service, we will cover the cost of an evening parking permit that is valid from 4 p.m. to midnight for evening classes or a daily parking permit if you are meeting with the MBA Program Office.

Please complete a short survey to order your parking permit if you are a student. Note: a password is required to access the parking permit survey. The password can easily be found in the D2L MBA Student Information site. As an alternative, please contact Paula Hass, MBA Student and Staff Support Manager at or (920) 424-0186 to obtain the password. If you are meeting with the MBA Program Office and have not been issued a pass, please contact Paula directly.

There are two separate types of parking permits: one for cars, trucks and vans and one for motorcycles. If you need an MBA evening parking permit for more than one type of vehicle, please complete the survey form for each type of vehicle.

You can pick up the permit from our office in Sage Hall, Suite 1410 or have it mailed to your home address.

For more information about parking on campus, visit the UW Oshkosh Parking Services website.


Appleton Executive Education Center

A parking permit is not required to park at the Marathon Center. You will find ample parking spots available throughout the day.

Master of Business Administration

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